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  1. Confused then.

    Dropped out.

    Well, as after the second year of medical school in the army for two years. Also – everyone went ahead. I had dreams where I was a laggard from life, and I felt it acutely. That's exactly what it is, not about the army itself, but about the fact that others went ahead, and I stayed.

    But this… not that it's an illusion. It's just that it's healing, just like real injuries.

    Life is so much bigger than this year, and its “fatefulness”.

  2. You are not lost – you are found) �

    You have found yourself. Such an opportunity – to be alone with yourself – is given to very few people in life: most people spend their entire life with their surroundings and with their social status (“I �am an excellent student”). Accordingly, they die without getting to know themselves and not being able to rely on themselves )

    And you've lost all that husk: You have been alone with yourself for a long time, talked to yourself, understood yourself. Unfortunately, this was given to you at the cost of an injury, so be careful in the future) �

    And now go “from yourself”, rely on yourself in the future, and not on others and not on your social success. Your confusion is understandable, but it is temporary: you will listen to yourself, your desires, and those people and circumstances that you need will gather around you again.

  3. Sorry it's late, but I'd like to answer your question: no, it's not over yet. If you think that “everything is lost”, then all this “lost” can still be returned. The most important thing in this situation is not to give in to suicidal thoughts and think about your family and friends who love you, then everything will be fine

  4. Hello.

    It is difficult to answer when good answers have already been given and you have been asked to answer. In general, I try not to answer questions if they were not addressed to me. Especially if they have already been answered perfectly.

    I will try:

    “I'm in the 11th grade”

    The main part of life, in which you will test your skills, principles and learn new ones, has not even begun yet. And you do not have the right (as the owner of your business – life) to even allow yourself such thoughts that are voiced in the question. Well, if we talk about the Soul, then this is generally a betrayal on your part.

    “There used to be a lot of girls, friends, an excellent student at school. It's all gone.”

    Do you think that among several billion people there are not those who?:

    • you'll love it
    • who will like you
    • who is interested in the same thing as you
    • who can I learn from?
    • who needs your help
    • who wants to learn from you
    • who will need your support
    • who will you need support from
    • who will you go through difficult or funny situations with
      As it turned out, you didn't have any friends. There were acquaintances. It was somehow beneficial for them to communicate with you, and for you – with them. Such acquaintances can be found in packs. Depending on how much time you have to communicate.

    If you want to have friends, allow yourself to be someone else's friend. And become one. And if you have at least two friends, you can consider yourself the richest person on the planet.

    Do you want girls ' attention? So become someone who will be interesting for strong and wise girls. Just, please, do not focus on what, basically, is now filled with the Internet on the topic “What men are looking for”. How to please a girl.”. There are, of course, useful materials, but the mass is more garbage.

    Education? Can't pass your exams?

    1. No one bothers you to find the strength and prepare.�
    2. I don't know any examples of successful exams that helped me become happy.
    3. You still have an unknown amount of time ahead of you to get an education and self-educate in the desired direction. Just spend your energy not on self-pity, but on getting the right knowledge and skills.
      Since high school, I have also taught myself to look for stories about people who have achieved great results in various disciplines, having some physical or intellectual disabilities. When I read it, I had only one thought: “If they could do it, then I, a healthy dog, can't I do what I want?”

    So, it's just your choice: “I'm lost” or “thank you to life for the lesson and only forward”.�

    The choices you make will determine both the results you achieve and the quality of life you can build.

    PS: The people who answered your question here – is it not attention to you, to your situation?

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