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  1. So who knows your taste? What genres do you prefer in principle? I look, for example, only “Black List” (Black List), which I recommend. Maybe some Russian ones will come to you, like the “Method” with Khabensky.

  2. I'll tell you about the series that I watched recently, or that stuck in my memory forever – there are other good series, but I can't remember them in detail anymore (breaking bad, for example).

    How I Met Your Mother-a crazy story about finding love. So crazy that you can't even call it a melodrama. This is a comedy, so much so that I recommend buying diapers, because you will not have to pee yourself with boiling water once. Why am I not afraid to recommend this series? I recommended it to a million people and didn't get a single negative review.

    Very strange things� – high-quality fiction about teenagers, moderately scary, moderately funny-perfectly balanced for the general public. By the way, this summer is the new season, so it's time to get carried away.

    The chilling adventures of Sabrina is the best TV series of 2018 in my opinion. It has a slight girly bias, but nevertheless, I recommend everyone to read it.

    The Office is a great lap comedy…or is it this move? I don't know if it's on purpose or not, but even the bad parts of this show are good.

    Black Mirror is not a series for everyone. Each episode is an independent story about what the development of technology can lead to. And they usually lead to a real ass, so I recommend that the faint of heart move away from the screens.

    Love, Death and Robots is the best TV series of 2019 so far. A set of independent animated short films. Some of them are incomprehensible, some are funny, some are scary – all this is glued together into one series that almost everyone will see.

  3. And try the TV series “Inquisition”. I watched it in one breath.�

    If you need to kill time stupidly, I can also recommend the Russian “Mosgaz” and “Executioner”. If you get the last look, here's something to keep in mind: the film was shot in different locations. Don't worry about WHERE the river is so wide and deep in the Moscow region, because it was filmed in the neighboring region)

  4. Haha)) See “Britain” is also a fantasy on a medieval theme and also not good. But you will be “not like everyone else”)) You can proudly declare in the company-I did not watch your game of Thrones and will not))

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