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  1. Well, maybe the trick is that you only see them naked on the Internet, and in real life it's generally dry. Try throwing yourself on public transport. During rush hour, there are great chances to snuggle up to some beauty with appetizing forms. (Just don't accelerate – you CAN't grope and squeeze; for that (if you're not lucky) you can get fucked, or even break into public pizdyuley). Does it excite you? So, man, it's time to go fuck, and not on the monitor to stare! Buy Miramistin, scumbags (“Kontex” is not worth using, bo pushes the dick) and go-meet your pussy!

  2. Dear anonymous author of the question who is not gay, maybe you should watch a little less pornography? Of course, if you get excited for a long time from the fact that porn models include dildos the size of submarines, then just a naked girl will not seem erotic.

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