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  1. ALL people go through this” fear”. Absolutely everything! You don't need to do anything. If you cry yourself to sleep,you'll cry yourself to sleep. And at some point, over time, you will accept this sad truth and calm down.

    All the religions of the world are encouraging in their own way. In Christianity and Islam, a person is mortal, or rather his body is mortal, and his soul is immortal. You will never truly die, and your soul will live forever. In Buddhism – you will never die, and your consciousness and soul will move to another body – you will have an endless chain of rebirths… and so on…

    Choose your religion, REALLY BELIEVE in everything it is based on and the fear of death will go away, since all religions assume life after death…

  2. If you are afraid of death, it means that you have not yet solved all the problems in this life, you have not yet made money, you have not suffered enough, you have not loved enough. After a person confirms himself, fulfills the program of his Destiny, enjoys earthly life, the fear of death passes and he no longer sees anything terrible in leaving for another world.

  3. They are not afraid, if only because none of the doctors will ever tell you how much you have left to live, this is only in the fantasies of neurotics, but not in life. And in life, you just die sooner or later, and you can never feel the “approach” of death, this is all also lies. Even being in a terminal state, a person is fully aware of what is happening. You may have a phobia after suffering a heart attack, you can recognize an attack but not death, you will never recognize death because there is no borderline state between life and death. Clinical death is different. So you will never know that you “died”, no matter how bad it is for you, in other words, “death” does not exist for you, it is only for others, so relax�

  4. Why do you constantly think about death, because you are afraid of the unknown, I have been working with death for many years and I can tell you that even a dead person gives off a bunch of energy.A person dying passes into another space,I am absolutely sure of this,you can give a lot of evidence of this.Stop thinking that if you die,you will cease to exist, everything will continue in another space.

  5. PEOPLE, THERE IS NO DEATH!!! We have infinity ahead of us. And what is infinity?… If you take a billion (years), raise it to the billionth power, do it “a billion times, repeat it all a billion times, then the resulting” number of years ” is a blink compared to infinity. Личность Personality – �is memory (according to modern scientific concepts), therefore. this is a ” combination “of some entities in a certain sequence. �so �such �combination �will inevitably be REPEATED into infinity �endless �number �times.. Mind (information) cannot be destroyed….Will �to see �dreams, but will not understand that this is a dream that will �to live in �virtual �world �indefinitely… Someone will say, why don't we ” see ” our predecessors? “It's because WE'RE LIVING FOR THE FIRST TIME. We are the beginning of an endless chain of life. The very concept of time, space and the concept of “existence” �originated 13.8 миллиардов billion years ago ( at the time of the BIG BANG), so we are the first. DON'T BE AFRAID OF DEATH, IT DOESN'T EXIST….

    And one more thing: I am sure that in 200 years 'time, any sixth-grader-three-year-olds will be able' to buy a 'Young Biologist' set in Detsky Mir and grow their great-great-great-great-grandmother in the bathroom from a bunch of gray hair they found in a family heirloom box… For this, the sixth-grader “will be” beaten by his father with a belt and, as a punishment, sent on “vacation to a boring” village to an aunt on Mars… Well, the great-great-great-great-grandmother will have to be handed over to the baby's House.

    If the author of the question is not affected by my arguments, then I suggest you believe.

  6. Don't be afraid, we will all be revived by the people of the future . The progress of science will allow us to do this and we will live forever . And by the way, if after death, a person does not feel anything and does not regret anything, then he will not worry about the loss of life . That is, as long as life is there, it is not lost and therefore there is nothing to worry about, and if you have lost it, then you will not be able to worry anymore . Here, well, progress again, revival, so let's better direct our spiritual forces to scientific and social activities, so that a society where there will be no death can be created faster 🤗

  7. If you believe that “there” is nothing, then there is nothing to be afraid of, because your consciousness will not be there, and it doesn't matter what happens. Remember something before you were born. Are you afraid that there was nothing there? If it is not terrible not to exist before birth, then after death it will be the same. You should be afraid of the fact that after death there is another world, and you will be responsible for all that you have done on Earth: either you will receive a reward or a punishment. But for atheists, the second part of this answer will be useless

  8. This fear is actually a fear of the unknown, since death is a mystery to many. So when someone dies, they use euphemisms to say that they are “asleep, “”resting, “”closing their eyes,” or something similar.

    And folk customs in connection with death are based on the oldest traditions and superstitious ideas full of mysteries.

    The Bible doesn't say we have a soul. The soul is the person itself, its need for food, the blood in its blood vessels, its being. Logically, this also applies to all living beings, which are designated as “souls”. They don't have souls. They are souls.

    Nowhere in the Bible do we read about an “immortal soul.” These two words are never connected to each other.

    However, those who take Scripture seriously find hope in God's promise to bring them back to life in the future. They attached great importance to the resurrection. The first preachers were sure that Christ had risen, and as a result, they were also sure that believers would also rise at a certain time. This made them different from all the other teachers in the ancient world.

    True Christians do not take kindly to Greek philosophy by falsely attributing to man an ” immortal soul.” On the contrary, they are strengthened by Jesus ' assurance that “all who are in the tombs [memorial tombs] will hear the voice of the Son of God and come out.” This is the basis of the Christian faith— the resurrection of those who are in the memory of God, from death to life on paradise earth.

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