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  1. Enjoy life, of course, what else do stupid people do?

    But seriously – the concept of stupidity is very blurred. I don't know how a person should behave in order to appear exactly stupid, not ill – mannered, not ignorant, but stupid, probably with a serious look, doing absolutely meaningless things.

    Thoughts can be anything, and the more stupid they are, the more interesting it is to live.

  2. Listen to SERGEY Savelyev, a RUSSIAN BRAIN SCIENTIST, speak on YouTube. You'll understand. he really tells you everything in simple language, what your brain is like, so you will live.

  3. Look, if you say that you came to the realization that you are a “dumb person”, did you realize it before you realized that you are a “dumb person” or after? If “before”, then indeed, there is a reason for concern and urgent measures such as “reading-teaching-training”should be taken. But if it happened “after”, calm down and never mind, everything is fine and there is no reason to worry!

    Well, seriously, I think you decided to flatter yourself in this way, stupid people don't ask such questions, they don't know.)

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