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  1. A completely similar thing happens after reading/viewing a work that deeply touched you: you continue to mentally communicate with a character who was so bright that he did not fit into the framework of his own plot – and you involve him in your reality, in your situations, and he willingly continues to live on this side of the screen/page. This indicates that the relationship is incomplete. Whatever your ending “story” with a person is, regardless of what happened or did not happen – you have something to say to each other, and what to reveal in each other. To put it simply: you've exhausted the situation, but you haven't revealed the idea.

    How to get rid of this without returning to the relationship? Self-awareness. Do not just mentally discuss with the image, but learn while doing so-analyze it and yourself. On the other hand, your “unique” character's analogs should come out of life (everything in the world has analogs), and you will reveal its type. After that, the image will be printed out as a letter, and you will be able to get the idea attached for you.

  2. This is called strong attachment. Usually, people tend to endow the objects of their affections with nonexistent qualities and then attach themselves to these fictional qualities. Often thinking that this is love. Of course, this is a very uncomfortable state and you need to get out of it. You can write out to yourself on a piece of paper what really good this person did for you personally. And this way you will be able to assess the real state of affairs. Well, most importantly, make yourself other acquaintances, there are a huge number of people in the world and everyone can give you unforgettable new emotions.

  3. It's simple and you can handle it easily. In these dialogues, you, your brain, tries to justify your decision related to the breakup of a relationship with a person who was previously close to you. Once upon a time, this person was dear to you. But now, for some reason known only to you, you've decided to break up with him. And in order to feel good, to remove the guilt and responsibility for the breakup of these relationships, the brain performs similar manipulations in relation to itself. Through autosuggestion, manipulation of facts, changing the picture, sculpting a new image of yourself in a favorable light for yourself. I can only say that there is nothing unusual, abnormal or bad about this. Just a banal defense mechanism that works automatically for any person. Someone lives with it without bothering, without noticing, and someone tries to understand this phenomenon, to reveal this quality in themselves. So you should not be very upset about this, just as you should not suppress this movement of thought in your mind. It is enough just to observe how it works, so that the process of internal dialogue stops naturally, without compulsion, as a result of unexpected revelations about the mechanism of your psyche.

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