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  1. I'm 30 and I still hear “grow up already.”

    On the one hand, society has certain ideas about what an adult man should be like. Usually this is a self-confident male who makes money, does not have “children's” hobbies, does not laugh like a fool, thoughts are mundane on the topic of everyday life. For example, if you went to kebabs with men, then this is mature, and if you play a role-playing board game with friends, then some kind of kindergarten. Or let's say you communicate with adults(again, about 30 years old) and talk about what movie you watched, what exhibition you went to(insert the necessary one), then many people are perplexed, because everyone has children and work, not up to that. Or just your thoughts are somewhere in space, you like abstractions, concepts that are not particularly useful in the same everyday life(well, or something that people perceive as naivety) What I don't know in your case, I just gave examples.
    And to be honest, you can put a bolt on all this. That is, everything is fine with you, but under certain conditions(to be discussed later).
    For example, I constantly encounter misunderstandings at the leisure level. There are no children and he is left to himself and there is always something to do. My colleagues don't understand why I need a weekend off. You either have to earn money or take care of the farm, and if there are no children, then you need to earn money on weekends. But this is some kind of fanaticism, not maturity.

    On the other hand, your “non-adult” qualities may interfere with your socialization in adult society. You are not able to work and study, there is maximalism, you are not able to accept the adult world, and you are constantly fighting with it. That is, this is the case when your “immaturity” really prevents you from comfortably existing. In this context, of course, you need to adjust yourself at least in order to join the adult life.

    And by the way, where your maturity will best manifest itself is in the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff: In which case you can forget about the opinions of others, and where you really need good advice and need to rebuild. A young man with maximalism will send everyone in both cases described =)

    Well, in any case, it all depends on who you are communicating with / working with / studying with at the moment. With some people, you need to be with a serious face, and with someone you will get dirty.

  2. It's very simple – you need to become completely independent. That is: live separately, fully support yourself, pay for housing, develop, etc. Or create a family, have children, build a house, etc. In short, you need to live absolutely independently, independently and solve all the problems of life, and even at the same time develop (and it is better to help your relatives). Then others will treat you like an adult.

    As for your parents, they will always consider you a child (until retirement), do not be offended by this.

  3. Stop taking seriously and personally what some “surrounding” people say.

    At the age of 23, some people also told me that I was “still a child”, but they could not clearly explain how this manifests itself. This is also a way to feed your self-esteem by belittling the other. If you are a “child” at 23, then I am an “adult” and can teach you about life. We swam – we know.

    You can ask your friends what exactly their opinion that “you are still a child with your brain”means. If a clear set of criteria is not followed, then all that remains is to understand that the problem is in their heads, and not in yours.

  4. Hello!And I'm 29 and I love cartoons,and with my husband I can behave like a child and fool around, with my parents too and with close friends. Being a 23-year-old or a 99-year-old and keeping the inner child in you and sometimes satisfying its whims is a luxury that many women cannot afford, although lightness, fervor, love are the true qualities of a real,free-spirited woman. Men, by the way, for some reason do not grow up at the age of 99-this is something we know and no one condemns them for it))

    Are these “people around you” and their perception of you so important to you? Be yourself in any situation! The struggle with emotions is permissible,but only with those that can bring unjustified pain to another living being and injure it.

    I wish you all happiness!

  5. Maybe I repeat after others. I'm also 23 years old. And oddly enough, in theory, to be an adult, you can become. And what others say is not native. It is better not to take it seriously. And take it with humor. And the fact that you are not taken seriously, then try and find a solution to these problems. And maybe they'll start to take you partly seriously.

    And now about what it means for me to become an adult. An adult who can support himself. Who has achieved a goal that pays off for their diligence, hard work, and patience. An adult who can be more independent and organized. And he thinks and reasons much more in detail, in more detail, more interestingly, that you can listen to speech for hours, days, months. This, of course, is not accurate. And that's just my theory.

    My body is approximately 23 years old. And the inner self, about adolescence. I've been living in this body for 23 years. And inside, I stayed in my teens, and I still live today.

    And please don't take my text too seriously. Just read it and take what you need. And if you don't find it, just forget me.

    And I will also say, fathers of fathers, mothers of mothers. And they can say, I'm 21 years old, I had a family, and I had a job. And here I think. Believe it or not? Or the time has come that they have become slower to grow up.

  6. Read serious books. Take away a certain amount of time from entertainment to spend it on your development. Take responsibility, make mistakes (not on purpose), admit them, and move on. Help people solve their problems (if they don't mind). Bring your business to the end.

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