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  1. The desire to succeed in society comes from the instinct of dominance, inherited from ancient tribal genetic programs. In today's modern life, you need to feel on an EQUAL footing with others, despite the “social status”, to enjoy work (if it is your favorite), from art, from communicating with your loved ones. A person by nature is always hungry for more, wants to capture as much space as possible, but you need more common sense and humility to find at least some happiness for yourself. You need to be wiser, and treat everything philosophically.

  2. Not all expectations come true. This can be frustrating. Unconscious frustration can build up. The accumulated frustration may feel the same as you described. In this “if, then” chain, the key is a wait-and-see attitude towards the world. You won't end up in a forest with a basket of mushrooms if you don't go to the forest with a basket. But you can imagine yourself in the forest as much as you want, and reap when the “law of attraction”works.

  3. Two factors can help you plan how to move on from here:

    1) re-evaluate your goals (what kind of failures and “failures” made you ask this question? are there any people who might be jealous of your current life? – this is the starting point of reality)


    2) can you understand the recognition and attention of what kind of society you want? At the end of your life, whose confession will warm your soul the most? Whose faces stand out in this conditional “society”? Can you now build relationships with these people, and not with the whole society at once?

  4. A good start is ” feeling myself.” This gives us hope. You can work with feelings-look for what generates them, and get to know yourself. At your age, it's just the thing. Perhaps you feel this way because you've been doing other people's business so far, so it's time to start doing your own. And then, very likely, you will join the mature lucky ones from Mr. Yakovlev's answer. And you will have such energy, such drive that people will reach out to you-and this will be a success in society. It's great that you hear yourself and your feelings in this way, and don't blame everything on the president and climate) study yourself with love and care – you have the most interesting things ahead of you!

  5. It is possible, but with certain restrictions. You won't be a president any more, and you probably won't be a great pianist or athlete either.

    I would venture to suggest that such questions stem from the fact that you… don't do shit.

    I'm 41, and I've been asking myself the same questions. Because in the office where I worked and received a good salary, there was stupidly nothing to do. People were sitting on Facebook, YouTube, forums, sleeping, watching cartoons – in general, they were exhausted from unbearable work.

    After I plucked up the courage and still left a quiet, but unbearably boring job , all questions about my own unrealization in life somehow disappeared. The authorities take care that there is no time to be bored.

    Try to work, it helps 100%.

  6. When I turned 50, I decided that everything, life was over. For several years now, I have been traveling around the world and looking for people who, after 50, not only retain their health and energy, but live better, more interesting, brighter and richer lives than they did before that age. I write down their stories, make their photo portraits.

    Over the years of traveling, I have, without exaggeration, met dozens of “happy centenarians” who have learned to maintain absolute health and joy of life in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Today, I can say with absolute certainty that contrary to outdated stereotypes, after 50 comes the happiest time in our lives. And this is AFTER 50. So after 38, yes, you can. If you don't believe it, come read the stories. Here are some examples of what people decided to do (and did) at a much older age. For example, Alexandra Vasyutina, a former crane operator, runs 110 kilometers in a day of non-stop running. Vasyutina is 81 years old. And the Englishman John Lowe in 80 began to study ballet. And now, at 92, he performs in a professional ballet company and rehearses for three hours every day. And literary critic Ruth Flowers decided to become a DJ at the age of 69. And at 72, she flew all over the world and performed with great success in the most famous clubs under the pseudonym Mami Rock. Japanese Shigeo Tokuda in 60 years without any training became a porn star. And now, at 78, he is at the zenith of his new career and continues to work tirelessly in the creative field. Nurse Kate D'Arcy quit her job at the age of 70 and fled to Hollywood, where she successfully began her career as a young actress. A Hindu Fauja Singh in b 103 ran the London Marathon. What's the big deal? He runs it every year. Since I started running marathons at the age of 80. By the way, did you know that Kroc invented McDonald's when he was over 50? Pemberton created the Coca Cola recipe at 55? Did Sanders start the KFC empire at 65?

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