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  1. If you want to stop the monologue, but it haunts you, if you can't enjoy life because of this, if you can't sleep properly, if your appetite, libido and previous interests are gone, then go to a psychologist/psychotherapist. It won't get any worse. Don't listen to the local masochist apologists.

  2. By asking such questions, we become not indifferent to ourselves and our existence. This is a willingness to move on. It's not the questions that scare you, but the threat of not finding the answers. Insignificance or greatness are evaluative concepts, so they don't exist. You can step back or continue and find answers.

  3. Try to do what you love ,meet people who are pleasant to you, visit nature more often, and one day your perception, well-being and mental state will return to normal by itself.

    The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved ,but to develop this technique in order to help yourself at any time to make an “internal cleaning”

  4. This is absolutely normal, these are questions of an existential plan, perhaps you do not need to forget yourself, but study them. Think about whether there is such an option that there is no beginning and no end, and the whole story is not linear, but cyclical. Before the appearance of reason, nature was immanent, which means it did not stand out in nothing, and in fact did not exist without it(this is if from a philosophical point of view), something began to exist from the moment of objectification, from the moment of the appearance of man, what was before? Nothing, just an amorphous substance, emptiness and cash.

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