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  1. If there are other things that are interesting, yes.

    There are many things for which you agree to grow above yourself, develop and become a better person.

    If you don't have these things, it's bad for your mental health.

  2. This lack of such attachments is very good for the person who has decided to achieve liberation. But apart from renunciation, one must have spiritual attachments to the spiritual person. To God. To the Holy Name. The soul takes the consequences of its actions from the Hereafter with it. For yogis, renunciation of the above is something that needs to be achieved at a minimum.

  3. If you think in the context of “I'll take you”, as I understand it-to a certain “afterlife”, then you are devaluing your current life.

    If you decide to become a monk, then it is the norm for a monastic life in a hermit's house. If you are determined to live safely in a society that is familiar to people, then –

    for our secular life within the framework of modern civilization, this is not only abnormal, but also fraught with serious consequences.

  4. And why do you need to take them somewhere with you? You write it like booth-you're in a cult that's waiting for the apocalypse. You need material goods in order to use them now and have something for the future, so as not to be left “at the broken trough”, in case of unforeseen circumstances. And they meet women because it brings a person pleasure or specifically because a person likes a certain woman with whom he wants to spend a large amount of time. So think about it. You really don't need anything, or it's just your excuses to comfort yourself.

    It happens, of course, and so that some people do little and feel normal.

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