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  1. Keep doing what works best for you, if it gives you pleasure.

    If it doesn't, then I would ask myself why you should become the best at something you don't like.

    And in any case, I would be careful not to compare myself to others-there will always be those who are better than us. If the comparison gives you a boost of drive, then please. And if it's just depressing, then stop comparing and just do what you like.

  2. This can not be, you are already better than me, just because I do not know that this is your “that”.

    You can become better by setting real goals, for example, I want to play Beethoven's Symphony in a year, and then I will become better than myself and better than Petit, who can't play Beethoven.

    “Other”, “best” is very much nothing to talk about: / specific goals will provide guidance, but for now it is very blurry.

  3. The answer is roughly the same for top athletes and top artists:

    Stop getting pleasure from comparing yourself to others (don't love yourself in art) and learn to get more pleasure from the process itself (love art in yourself).

    The first one was sniffed out to us by abmititious, unreasonable parents.

    The second one has to learn from scratch by example … to do this, you need to communicate more and learn from those who love the business, at least a little more than yourself.

    And communicate less with your parents, who will not let you separate from them so easily. And after separating and becoming a stable adult, you can start communicating with your parents again, but now on an equal footing.

  4. You need to forget about the championship and focus on your development. The goal should be to achieve success within yourself. Not just being better than one or the other.

  5. Stop comparing yourself to others.�

    What happens in the lives of others has nothing to do with you.

    Your goal is to be better than you were yesterday.

    If you've outdone yourself, you've done it.

    Focus on yourself and everything will work out.

  6. Keep moving.

    “The last horse is the first horse” (Zen rule)

    Better or worse-the ratings are subjective, relative and changeable-there is no reason to take them into account.

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