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  1. To forget your ex, it's important to take the following steps::

    1. Identify your psychological needs that were met with him, and find new ways to meet them

    2. Eliminate any contact with it, so that memories do not activate previous scenarios in the brain

    3. Complete incompleteness: finish what was left unsaid, forgive insults, etc.

    4. Make a life plan without this person

    How these steps are implemented in practice, I explain in more detail in my video: https://youtu.be/U9i0GSd6e5E

  2. None of them work, because the brain is designed in such a way that you can't forget “to order” anything.

    Your belief in a miracle just led you to the fact that someone has already sold you “standard methods of forgetting”, and now you are looking for a clever conman-esoteric or pseudo-psychologist-who will sell you non-standard ones: however, with the same result…)

    The reality is that any of our experiences are necessary to rethink your life and change your own destructive behavior-so it is impossible to forget. That's when you draw the necessary conclusions from this experience, when you change your worldview to a more adequate one, when you acquire behavioral models that allow you not to suffer from the past – this will mean that you have completed the task. In this case, the emotional charge that is currently bothering you will simply disappear from the experience. And you can do this work independently, but it is better with a psychologist.

  3. If you can't forget something, then for some reason it's important for you to remember it. Often a similar story happens with “forgiveness”.

    People can't forgive someone for something and think that the problem is forgiveness itself. But the point is different-what prevents you from forgetting your ex.

    A question that might help is:: what will you lose that is valuable, important, and meaningful to you if you forget it?

    Sometimes people don't forget something because:

    – These memories give them pleasant feelings. And in fact, this is the only thing that gives them a pleasant feeling in life.

    – It helps to maintain a sense of security and readiness.

    — Something about the surroundings reminds me of that.

    — …

    In your comment below, you said that you have a sense of loss. Accordingly, if you deal with this feeling, you will probably be able to comfortably forget your ex.

    The process described here may help you: How to survive a breakup

    If you understand that nothing helps you, then it is better to contact a specialist: a psychologist/psychotherapist.

    I wrote about solving problems with forgiveness here: How to forgive a person

  4. I understand and sympathize with you. I've been through it myself.
    I know it hurts a lot. You know intellectually that there is no point in suffering, but that doesn't make it any easier.� And if the standard methods didn't help,� you can try something else. In such cases, I usually use the method of Emotional-image therapy.
    In this short video, I show you a practice that you can do yourself. https://youtu.be/RQi1NNAgxg0��
    �It helps a lot of people,or at least it gets easier.
    But if this story is old, you need a deeper study.
    This is done in individual work .
    You can make an appointment for a consultation here

    The main thing is to be healthy and take care of yourself � �

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