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  1. It's all you who are real, water can be liquid, solid or gaseous, you are like water, depending on the environment you change, but you are still water.

  2. It is better not to get carried away and be yourself even if you are boring and not interesting to others. So you will feel more comfortable and others will be real.

  3. The most important thing is not to waste time in vain. In fact, your behavior with different people in different ways is an adjustment to a certain character, a certain framework, and of course to certain abilities and opportunities. That is, if you understand that with someone – you are a leader and they strive for you and this is not in vain, in the sense that this is a person close to you in terms of abilities, then most likely you have found part of your team. And also, on the other hand, if you feel the other person's leadership and you are close to their character (or almost close), but you are ready to follow and act together, relying on his or her support – this shows that again, you are in your own close position. But all the others who are too far away from the contact and “tools” of communication and activity with you-this is either your personal “burden”, and you do not need it, or they are already overcome a lot of people who are not interested in you because of their higher status. I gave a primitive explanation – at the level of “social race”

  4. Most likely, this is unreliable at the level of self-conceit.

    If this is the case, then what prevents you from perceiving yourself based on a set of signs?
    It doesn't itch.

  5. A person chooses for himself the model of behavior in which it is convenient for him to show himself “in public”, but how to behave alone with himself, and who to consider, is already a personal right of each of us

  6. In principle, Denis Kozyrevich answered correctly, but I still want to write a slightly more detailed answer.

    There are 3 types of answers to your question.

    1. “Semi-escapist”. “Somewhere inside you, a certain “real you” is well hidden, and if you find him/her, then you will be very happy.” It is based on the fact that people do not like the way they behave and/or what they are. And the person seems to want to escape from the known part of himself to the unknown part. It is clear that this answer is also incorrect, and you will never be able to escape anywhere (or find someone hidden) at all. And such an answer is useless.

    2. “Near-esoteric”. You can see your social roles, but who plays them? Somewhere behind the screen of roles (as well as emotions and all sorts of delusions) there is a certain core, a certain “deep Self”, and if you find it, then… “(then it depends on the belief system of the person responsible). The answer is not too far from reality. Indeed, these social roles are a very small part of the psyche, and in addition to them, there is just a lot of everything in the human mind. But those who respond in this way lose sight of the fact that the “deep Self” does not hide anywhere, and that it is it that determines the choice of social roles. And among other things, this “deep Self” is not a person – it is the so-called foundation of a person. This is how you feel in each of your roles, what food you prefer, what music you listen to, your gait and breathing rate, and .. well, everything else. This is definitely you, but without the pretentious / romantic touch, and it's so banal that nothing can be done about it either. This answer, although more or less true, is also useless.

    3. “Synthetic”. I.e. what Denis Kozyrevich wrote. You are and your personality foundation, and your set of roles, and even those roles that you haven't played yet, but in principle can play.

  7. It seems to me that a person becomes a real person in solitude, in emergency situations, when his behavior is not influenced by others. And in society, a person constantly wears a mask, without even realizing it.

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