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  1. You got the point right ) Man is an animal by 80 percent, so the world is not even a zoo (it is too chaotic and poorly organized for a zoo, although intensive work is underway to turn it into a zoo), but a jungle or a barnyard) �

    And yes, “people invented colorfulness”, that is, to put it a little more scientifically, social interaction is carried out within the framework of numerous narratives that are exclusively a cultural phenomenon.�

    But this does not change the fact that the remaining 20 percent of our stuffing contains those prospects, for the realization of which, in fact, it is worth living. They, their development, their manifestation in themselves and outwardly, and should be given attention, and pay less attention to everything else.

  2. You are not completely healthy if:

    -this condition prevents you from living, you can not or do not want to work/study/engage in hobbies/take care of yourself/support everyday life

    -you suffer from your thoughts, you are “heavy on the soul”

    You are not well and need help if:

    -you are not happy about what you were happy about before

    • have you ever thought about suicide

    -and all this goes on for more than two weeks without “enlightenment”

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