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  1. Knowledge of the language is useful only in addition to the profession-engineer, lawyer, pharmacist… Increases competitiveness, demand, and salary.

    Pharmacist is a highly sought-after and highly paid profession. Knowledge of the language allows you to work in international companies, where they pay even better.

    My daughter taught English on her own and rose to the level of teaching molecular biology in English to foreigners at the university.

  2. A personal recommendation is still to focus not on demand, but on personal preferences, on what the soul lies in. Even in a highly sought-after profession, you will not be able to fully realize yourself if you feel that you are not doing what you like. What is more pleasing-here is the criterion for choosing.

    Plus, now there is a tendency to change professions, that the profession is not for life, this is not a sentence. Some areas are developing so dynamically that it is even difficult to imagine what specialists in a particular industry will do. So, don't treat this as a life-long choice.

  3. This is a beggarly approach to go somewhere on a request not FROM YOURSELF. If the choice is the soul, then in such a business you can always develop to exorbitant heights and thus be desired and irreplaceable. Pharmacists are now in demand in the framework of business as shnyri pharm. However, they do not have a primary demand within the framework of genuine medicine for a long time.

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