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  1. What many people put into the concept of femininity or masculinity is a certain set of external signs, ways of thinking, ways of behavior. These are very subjective and selective combinations of attitudes in each of us.

    For example, I have an attitude that a man can help with household chores, clean dishes, cook dinner, etc. I consider this a normal, non-degrading action. At the same time, there are women who will not consider such people as men and say that they would never marry such a person, and adds, “my father never stooped to a floor rag.”

    The child chooses the combination of qualities that is transmitted by his family.

    When you say that you don't want to be feminine, you most likely mean some specific combination of manifestations, signs. You may even be imagining a certain image, perhaps even a very specific one, most often characteristic of women in your family or immediate environment. That's what you probably don't want to repeat. Your question I hear is ” Do I really need to look, think, and act accordingly to this image in my head?”. And then I say no, not necessarily. As children, there are many things we don't choose and have to accept because we have to survive, and when we become adults, we have the opportunity to make other choices.

    Thank you for your question.

  2. Femininity and masculinity are ideas that prescribe certain personality traits and behaviors to a person. In the end, it all depends on how comfortable you are in your self-perception and why you need to be “feminine” or” masculine ” and how this affects your interaction with the world.

  3. It is interesting that you yourself refer to the concept of “being feminine”. Perhaps some set of stereotypes? (“obedient, flirtatious, not showing intelligence,” etc.?)

    Something seems to me that take absolutely any set of human qualities – so it can be perceived in a particular person and completely “male”, and completely “female”. Depending on a single variable: a person-how he chooses to be aware of himself and present himself as a man, or as a woman.

    That is, for example, a person

    • brave
    • straight
    • proactive
    • critical thinker
    • purposeful
    • active

    -“is that' feminine ' or 'masculine'?”

    If you really remember now, then you will remember among your surroundings, most likely, and undoubtedly very feminine girls, women with just such qualities.

    And undoubtedly quite courageous young men, men.

    In short, please note that you may mean by” femininity ” that it corresponds to rather anecdotal stereotypes.

    Sort of like – ” Mmm… Is it so important for a surgeon to drink alcohol on duty, be cynical and also heroic, and also not have a personal life, and also…”

  4. What do you mean by “being feminine”? Wear dresses, make up, and grow out your hair? No, not necessarily. Women are usually visually different by nature (and no, not by the length of their hair – they naturally grow in both sexes), everything else is just gender markers that facilitate social connections. They are not required, if you don't really need them. Moreover, such things are a personal choice, and, therefore, do not concern anyone but you. If you don't want to, then don't.

  5. I think that first of all, it is your personal choice and ability to defend your image in society.

    Personally, my opinion is – be yourself and do not break yourself to please someone.

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