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  1. Ask yourself, ” What can I do ?” . Depending on the answer ,you can draw conclusions about your usefulness. You need money to expand your opportunities. Many people try to get rich for only one reason-“to order as many people as possible, and obey as few as possible.” And everything. By itself, money is just a means of payment. If you don't know why you need money, then you don't need it, and there's no reason to feel inferior.

  2. Money is just a means to achieve your goals. Yes, with them it is always more pleasant and calmer, but happiness is not in them. It's easier with them, but as they say: with money and a fool can, and you without them try to become happy.

    I don't know much about money yet, either. But this did not stop me from traveling in Asia for 5 years, I winter there every year, and for the last year and a half I have been living in India. My husband and I flew in every winter with $ 300 in our pocket and one-way tickets, and I'll tell you the truth, we feel absolutely happy. Money comes and goes, and happiness is inside all of us…

    Of course, you should always strive for the best, but making Money is definitely not the goal of life. They are needed to fulfill your desires, so decide on your desires.

  3. It all depends on your personal desire,since there is a concept of “Not making all the money”, so if a particular minimum suits you, then why not.

  4. Both yes and no.

    Money is important if:

    • you don't have enough for proper food and clothing.
    • you don't have enough money to buy something for yourself.
    • you want to live a better life, but you can't.
      although here the question is whether you really want it or just a small wishlist
      Money is not important if:�

    • you live in affluence and do not feel extreme need, but your environment earns more

    • someone says you don't have enough money. you can't afford things (luxury items) that you don't need.
    • etc. etc.
  5. You feel bad! This is already enough to find a solution to the problem that has arisen. If this problem is a lack of money, then, of course, you should spend certain resources on changing the situation in the direction that suits you. You live for yourself! Uncomfortable here, go where you feel comfortable;)

  6. Money is a tool, first of all it serves as the top of the pyramid of power over this planet, as an element of control. But money can serve both good and evil… The main thing is to adequately understand their essence, not to build money as an end in itself, to discard all these imposed illusions about success, wealth and other messes…

  7. Money has exactly the same importance that you attribute to it. In your case, money is a measure of usefulness, which, you will agree, is a bit much. Money is important (food, housing, clothing), but what are you personally willing to do to get rich? After all, there are a lot of ways to do this. However, most of them are either criminal or immoral, and you will literally pay with your life for trying. The sage Tuco said: “If you work to live , why do you kill yourself at work?”�

    After a certain period in my life, I realized that I can live on a very modest amount of money, and the phrase ” Rich is not the one who has a lot of money, but the one who has enough!”I felt it 100%. The trouble is that we, people, are always not enough and we chase after what, by and large, is only vanity: a new outfit, a new smartphone, a new car, etc. – without thinking: what does all this crap have to do with happiness? The answer is almost always: none!�

    Be healthy – this is fullness! And life is worth spending on life itself and the desire to be happy. And the money? Paradoxically, money is loved by those who do not suffer from its absence)))

  8. Change your attitude to this subject! Don't be addicted! Man is above money. Why do you need money? When a bright idea appears, they will come. If you want them too much, you won't get them. It's like with women. Money is a means, not an end. No one canceled the effect of karma. Understand yourself and thank God more for what does not give than it gives!

  9. a person must earn his own food, clothing, and shelter. There is no escape from this minimum. I have seen in my time many aspiring “stars” of philosophy, music, fine arts, etc. who considered money something low, but at the same time sat on the neck of their parents, wives, friends, begged, etc. Is this normal for a healthy person? Of course not-freedom is that you know how to support yourself – at least the most necessary things. There is no other way – well, except to go somewhere in the jungle and go naked, sleep under a palm tree and eat bananas and other natural gifts. But living in the world one of the aspects of our life is to find our own piece of bread. Of course, this should not become an end in itself – it is only for our physical needs, to support ourselves in the search for a deeper vocation – spiritual development, spiritual development, the search for Truth, meaning and all that, which by definition is much more important than the physical ones. However, if we stop meeting our bodily needs, our search can quickly stop – everything needs to be given its due. The main thing is to correctly identify life values and place them in order of priority. The mind, soul, and body must all be sound. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God-Christ said, making it clear that there is something higher than the satisfaction of physical needs, but He did not abolish Bread, paying tribute to the fact that Bread is also included in the” diet ” of human life. I hope I didn't confuse you with my answer.

  10. I dare to disappoint you, but if you are already overcome by a feeling of inferiority because of money, then it will only increase further = (So:

    a) Yes, money is damn important. It doesn't have to be millions, but there is a certain level that is comfortable for you (for most young people, this is the amount for all important expenses per month – food, rent, clothing, leisure, etc. + another 10-20%, and for some 40-50%), determine it and strive for it

    b) “Wasting your life” in an attempt to get rich – no, it's not worth it=) Completely absurd wording. Read the successful cases of various entrepreneurs from Russia, including young ones, who just tried everything and now have enough money in just a few years.�

    And the main thing that I came to, thinking about such topics – money is very good, but still it does not bring true happiness on the machine. True happiness is when you are in your own place: in a country that suits you, in a city that is pleasant to you, surrounded by people close to you, doing something that interests you and fully uses your potential.

  11. For example, I am now 20, but I do not earn money myself, I study. At the same time, almost all my friends are already working and at our gatherings it happens that I can afford somewhat lower expenses. But at the same time, I feel perfect, and I personally tried to answer this question: can I find a job and earn money if I suddenly need to? I can say that yes, I can, so I don't worry about money, but I continue to study and do what I like.

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