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  1. These may be the first symptoms of depression, but if you feel a prolonged decline in mood and generally lack motivation, then contact a specialist, very preferably a psychiatrist

  2. Impaired speech ability, slowness of speech and thought process are symptoms of a non-psychotic disorder of depression, possibly depression, or asthenic syndrome.

  3. Everything will be fine) For starters, it would be a good idea to stop consuming large amounts of news, entertainment content (memasiki, vidosiki, games), and low-quality intellectual garbage. Take a break from nicotine, ethanol and other substances. You should regularly engage in some kind of physical education, eat high-quality simple food, read and comprehend large texts, learn new things, do not wander only along the paths once trodden in your head, try to become an open mind, as they say. And most importantly, as we already wrote above, you need live, real communication, social networks will not fully replace this. It is advisable to establish relations with loved ones, of course, if there are problems. About the latter, I wanted to share the following, it may be useful:

    The activity of any person is closely connected with other people and this has developed over the centuries. Therefore, it happens that people very easily lose themselves in life. This always happens in one way: they lose trust and close contact with other people. Even if they are immersed in interesting work, it cannot replace the need to communicate with other people. Infatuation can only distract, but in itself, without finding a social response, it becomes meaningless. Even if something is created that others will consider a work of genius, but the author does not have close people who can appreciate it and whose opinion is not indifferent to the author, he will remain in the emptiness and meaninglessness of loneliness. Only close people help not to lose the meaning of existence, because only through close people there is a true connection with the rest of society. So many great people, recognized even in their lifetime, remained unhappy for this reason. For the same reason, those who are fully well-off, rich, and powerful are also unhappy.
    And if God or some cherished Dream does not become a substitute for close people, then nothing can help. And then the person who is locked in it becomes like a sleeper, even if quite happily sleeping, dreaming in reality.
    Nothing else, except the loss of the environment of really close people, can crush a person. Even if you find yourself in an extremely hopeless situation, a person will not be broken if he has at least one really close person. This is an empirically proven fact.
    As the American psychologist B. Skinner said, ” To exist for its own sake is to be nothing.”
    Usually, when a truly intimate relationship with other people is out of the question, people lose something unconscious, something that can only make their life complete. They hide themselves in a cocoon from the encroachments of an unfriendly world and simplify their claims to life to the most primitive, which, however, by social standards can be considered the height of well-being.

  4. Just need to communicate more live with people. Meet new people and discuss different topics.

    And they try not to use the mat.

    Many “recluses” of modern society, who mostly sit at home at the computer after work, and on the street on the way to work and back go in headphones and avoid unnecessary conversations-over time, too, observe the development of speech defects and sentence construction.

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