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  1. The thing is that people often don't hear their inner voice or they just jam it. And this happens because all sorts of stereotypes, prejudices, religion, fictional rules clog the inner “I”.�
    Coming out of an environment in which everything was persistently imposed on him, at some point a person does not understand why he is doing certain things, whether he is doing them right, etc. His actions are already automated and are determined not by what he would like to do, but by what he was prescribed.�
    I think you should try to discard everything that was imposed on you and passed off as the ultimate truth. You need to listen to your inner voice.

  2. To work with your childhood, play the history of your formation in your head (for greater confidence with your parents, if they are alive, of course) and compare it with the stages of personality formation according to Erickson-I think you have an abnormal line of development at the time of your late infancy (1-3 years). From a psychiatric point of view, it can be an anxiety personality disorder with such a constant obsessive scrolling (OCD is also possible, many people with an anxiety personality disorder have this, you need to know the details here). The main thing is not to be poisoned by pills, there are more sophisticated methods of working with such disorders ( I am not a professional, rather an amateur of certain sciences related to the work of the human mind, but it seems to me that working on yourself, cognitive behavioral therapy will work better, unless of course your condition is not very critical and you are not absorbed in this disorder). I think the most important thing in your situation is to work on self-control and uncertainty (and this most likely arose from the relationship with your parents) – work together with them to remember everything, because such things are formed from infancy. It seems to me that it is difficult to do such things yourself, and even dangerous if you are not sure of the correctness of the procedures performed, so if you are not a pro, regardless of the nature of such a feature, I would advise you to first contact professional psychotherapists so that they can correctly select the methods of working with it, correcting it, treating it, or redirect you to another specialist. Although I didn't give you any specific practical advice, I hope that I helped you in some way in your thoughts and something in them coincides with the history of your development.

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