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  1. Schopenhauer influenced Western philosophy, loved Buddhism, was quite pessimistic, misogynistic. Once even pushed a woman down the stairs, and then the court paid her money for the rest of her life. And he was very fond of animals, even a dog named Atman. It was inspired by Nietzsche. Nietzsche glorifies life, Schopenhauer does not, in general, said that this world is the worst of all worlds. If you liked his idea, I recommend reading “Aphorisms of everyday wisdom”, you can learn a lot of interesting things for yourself. And then you can take on the “World as will and representation”. In the end, you can take and read Reduger's excellent book “Schopenhauer and the turbulent years of philosophy”, it will definitely immerse you completely in Schopenhauer.

  2. Of course, it was different. They are two different people. You can read Irwin Yalom's “Schopenhauer as Medicine” and “When Nietzsche Cried”. You will have an idea not only about their philosophy, but also about their personal life.

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