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  1. First, try to reformulate: fear should not be replaced by discomfort, but it should be replaced by remove. I feel uncomfortable when I imagine myself growing up and getting old. How do I remove this? Overcoming implies the presence of an opposing force, which in this case is not present. There is an uncomfortable attitude of the mind in relation to these questions.

    Then you can think about the cause of the discomfort. What is so unpleasant about growing up and aging? For example, growing up may seem unpleasant because of the additional responsibility for yourself and for other people. In this case, you need to find the pleasant aspects of responsibility. Remember the moments when you wanted to say to someone: don't, I want it myself. Look for moments when you'd rather do something yourself than ask others to do it. This is how growing up manifests itself. Gradually, it becomes more convenient for a person to serve himself, create something himself, invent, extract, and take care of other people. If these processes are not abruptly initiated, but gradually, it will be easier to navigate. For example, you can first ask your parents or relatives to pay for housing, then half of it, then completely independently, and eventually start paying for both your own housing and your parents. In the process, it is important to soberly assess the moments when your strength is sufficient, and when you need help.

    The displeasure of aging can arise from feeling weak and unable to maintain your comfort. Such moments arise in the life of every person sooner or later. In this case, it remains to count on the help of relatives and try to postpone such a moment as long as possible. The earlier a person thinks about it, the more opportunities they have to keep their health and strength longer. Therefore, in order not to worry about it, you just need to do everything that you have the strength and capabilities to do. Take care of yourself, give up bad habits, develop the body's resistance to diseases. With the knowledge that you are doing everything you can, there is no room for worry. Can you?” You're doing it. Can't you? You don't.

    Growing up and getting older does not mean that you need to give up some pleasant things. At any age, it is useful to fool around, feel like a child, let other people take care of you, treat you to some things that are valuable from childhood. It is important not to go to extremes, to maintain a balance between adult seriousness and commitment and children's freedom and the ability to be surprised by simple things. Cartoon on this topic:


  2. Most likely, growing up is associated with a boring life. Being an adult doesn't mean living groundhog day. A full and interesting life can happen at any age. I am sure that there will be a lot of examples if you look for them. Being an adult means taking responsibility for your words and actions, and taking care of your family. The word “responsibility”, of course, does not sound very pleasant, but it can be turned to your advantage. Understand that being responsible to yourself is cool. Yes, there's no one to blame for your boring life, but if it's all your fault, you can fix it.�

    Some people only get brighter and even more beautiful as they grow up. Also, you don't need to go far for examples. When we were young, we hung out, didn't care about our health, and then we decided to take care of ourselves – we went to the gym, started eating right. We have become wiser, learned something in life. Some are self-confident professionals, which they probably won't be when they're young. Others just got prettier. Found your own style/You look at such “adults” and it's not even scary. You understand that you can either make this period cool or spoil it.

  3. There is one sure way, it lies in the plane of ordinary psychology, and it is much easier to get rid of it than it seems. This effective method is as old as the rest of humanity. The method consists in experiencing an unwanted emotion, and then in its roots. The fear that you have experienced simply disappears. Everything!

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