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  1. I think the answer is obvious. Why would you do that? To waste time, nerves, for the sake of something that is unlikely to ever come true. Of course, I've heard stories about people getting out of the friend zone, but this is very rare. So don't be sad, take a look around, because there are a lot of girls in your city and just as many chances to find the right one 🙂 As for your current “friend”, I would just start moving away if I were you. Well, or you can directly tell her that you would like more, at a personal meeting.

  2. Apparently, it's cool for her to spend time with you and be friends, but she doesn't want anything sexual or romantic with you. If sex and romance are more important to you, and friendship and communication with this person is something secondary, then do not waste time.�
    You don't want her to rape herself and try to love someone she's not attracted to, do you?

    Or enjoy your conversation 🙂

  3. It's not clear what the girl is doing to keep you going. maybe you don't want to leave?

    In general, it is quite simple to stop communicating with a person. There are two ways:

    Path # 1-Ignore it. Delete it from all social networks, stop answering calls, talking, and so on. You can change the phone number. After a while, it will probably cool down after trying to reach you, and it will all be over.

    Path No.2-Showdown. Invite a girl to a meeting, honestly say that you had feelings of a sexually romantic nature for her, but did not see a response and decided to stop communicating because you need love, family,and not friendship. Perhaps she will say that you could stay in a friendly relationship, you can retort that such a relationship will prevent you from building a new one. Then a couple of compliments to her address, a wish of good luck, and on the way out.

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