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  1. You described your life in a very colorful and talented way. And somewhat theatrically wringing his hands, he shouted-help me! Save me! Very impressive!!! Now listen to an old guy who went through the same problems in his youth and stayed alive. NO ONE WANTS YOU! Absolutely no one! Not to God, not to my parents, not to my friends, not to my women. Nature is completely indifferent to you, it does not care whether you are in the world or not. You are alone and no one cares about you. Accept it! This is the most important truth of life. You have only two options. Voluntarily stop this life or continue to exist. Only you decide whether to be or not to be. Some who are weaker and do not have the strength to resist, hang themselves or start using drugs. Which is basically the same thing. Because drugs are a form of suicide! And don't pretend you don't know that. Others, and most of them, live on.Only you choose the path.And you don't need anyone's advice. Once you have written this letter, then you have everything in order with your head and you will find ways out of all situations. So choose-either in the Dark or in the Light. I advise you to choose the Light, because life is very interesting and Life is worth living. But you'll understand that later…

  2. I'll try to spread it out by points:

    1. Computer -work. Well, x-th with him. You can earn money for the first time at any job, even if you give out piss leaflets. And then I will spend money on all the following items, including the new bakery.

    2. Depression. We go to a shrink doctor(free of charge), get directions to the wheels and jam them to an acceptable state.

    3. There are assholes around. On the one hand, you can't fix anything and take a bath as it is is not an option, on the other hand, you can dump on a rented hut, change your SIM card and surround yourself with other assholes who will interfere less.�

    Without specifying my age and information about my training and work activities, I can't enter any specifics. Regarding communication with people, I prescribe again – if there is no normal contact with a person for more than a year, it is no longer advisable to establish it, you just need to change the environment, there are a lot of people, and you are alone with your beloved.

  3. No God can help you, and there is only one reason. If you are 17-22 years old and have hormonal problems, you just need to get to 23-25 years old. Of course, if you still throw on the right food and so on, then your mood will be more positive. But most likely, after reading this, you will think that I wrote a complete f * * * nude and will not believe it. But in fact, everything is true. A person is dependent on the weather, harmons, and genetics. It is hard to call a modern person-free-spirited. Try to find solace in extreme sports if you want to pass away. In the end, you can find solace there and even earn money.

  4. you need to be saved – this is an act of God that can pull you out of the pit that you have fallen into in your ignorant, forgive me, life. Just as there is a path that led you to this pit ( the path was to make daily wrong decisions or not to make daily right decisions), so there is a path out of this pit ( from any pit). This path is called the path of faith, which is taken by admitting their guilt in their troubles, recognizing their need for Salvation, and believing in the Savior of the World – Jesus Christ.�

    15 And he said to the apostles, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
    (Mar 16: 15,16)

  5. Ah, it seems to me that here (in this letter) of the young man, there is a whole set of sound ideas. First, it describes in detail the situation in which he lives. Secondly, the person who wrote it simply does not have any physical or moral experience in solving such problems.�

    I agree with the previous answer. About darkness and light. You're standing at a crossroads. Many souls are standing there. Consciously, unconsciously, constrained by the circumstances of life, etc.�

    Your advantage is only in one thing – you clearly understand how you don't want to live.�

    Make a bet on it. And, go from the reverse. Embody what is close to you. What makes you evaluate, express negativity, see all these Flaws in society – all these are not bad makings of a thinking person. Try writing about it. More clearly. Maybe there will be plots, stories, which, when written on paper, will give you an inner support. Think about it.�

    The darkest nights are before dawn. You should also understand this in your situation.�

    Success. To you.

  6. In fact, you have a single problem that branches out to all the others. You are looking for your place in life. This is the right process that all people go through, but it is uneven, abrupt, and therefore painful for you. It may be useful for you not to speed up this process, but to slow down a little, look around, look at your past right and wrong decisions, draw conclusions, and gradually develop the most appropriate scenario for yourself.

    You live with parents who wish you well. Their actions are motivated by a desire to protect you from harm that you may unknowingly cause yourself. Yes, you may be smarter and more educated than other people in some ways, but don't ignore their advice about your health, education, and your future. As a result, one day there will come a time when you will have to leave your loved ones and start living independently. This is unavoidable. But right now, these people are the most valuable teachers you have. No need to swear with them, be rude, or try to convince them of something. They have their own well-established life experience. Your conflicts arise when you are trying to defend your freedom. This is correct, but it needs to be done very carefully, you need to be able to negotiate, make compromises. This skill will help you develop communication skills for working negotiations in the future, and will give you experience in maintaining friendly relationships in your own family. Make concessions to your parents. Remember that they sacrifice many things for you and spend their energy and health. Give them back some of their care in the form of treating them with respect. Help them maintain their strength and health. Show them that you appreciate their concern for you. Thank them more often. Try telling your parents about your most difficult problems and how you are going to solve them. Ask them to help. You say that your dream is to become independent of your parents. Do you think parents don't want the same thing? Just as you are dependent on your parents, they are also dependent on you. They would be happy to see you live a successful independent life if they knew you were ready for it. Therefore, you need to first prepare for an independent life, and then prove it to your parents. You will not live together forever, your dream will come true sooner or later. But your task is to ensure that your independence is not forced, traumatic and problematic, but is kept on a strong foundation. The foundation is your education, your ability to support yourself. To build yourself a three-story cottage in nature, buy a juicer and a set-top box with a huge TV, you must first develop your mind. Otherwise, you simply won't have any professional advantages over other people. And another person will feed the birds and drink the juice, not you. Even now, you need to catch up with people who are learning. Recover from school or hire teachers. Decide for yourself the direction of your education. Look for activities that make you happier. And direct all your efforts to development in this area. Become a great respected expert in this field.

    Drugs should be stopped. Absolutely everything. They won't do you any good, but they will cause you a lot of problems. In drugs there is no way out, there are no health benefits, and the pleasure from them eventually turns into pain, into a painful addiction. They temporarily distract from problems, cover up problems with fog, but when the fog clears, the problems turn out to be even more extensive and toothy. You need to keep your mind clear. Freedom of mind is a great value. If a person becomes a slave to some substances or ideas, he then has to spend energy on returning to his freedom. Your mind is your main strength. This is your main tool that needs to be very finely tuned. Protect your mental health. Avoid any substances that may affect the mind. To do this, the mind needs to be trained. Over time, through disciplined work with your mind, you will build a solid foundation of sobriety.

    It's useful to remember that people change over time. Your values will also change. What now seems important will become unimportant. What you don't notice right now will gain new value. If you think that you have already seen everything, understand everything and will not find anything else in life — this is not true, an illusion. There will be many new interesting people, new things to do, hobbies, events, and joys in your life. You will break up with some people. You will meet others. Life is a flow. If it seems that there are not enough colors in life, you just need to try to look around better, make minimal efforts to get acquainted with new amazing aspects of life. Sometimes people do not notice their own happiness due to the fact that they themselves blur their vision.

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