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  1. This phrase should be understood as initiation from a teenager to an adult.

    Previously, in many cultures there was a whole rite of passage.

    A person experiencing such a feeling suffers from an irrevocably lost childhood with all the debts that he never received and will never receive again.

  2. That's right. And what is the trick of the question? The answer is simple – people share (psychologically, what else is there? fatalistic…) for certain categorical age groups (?). You've probably met some of them – she's 35, looks 60 ? There is a trick here – each person sets their own age limit. Which changes over time. When I was 25, I was like, ” why live after 55 ?” And now 59… but they still live after 100? And if a person has set a bar for himself – after 20 they do not live, is this his choice? Just don't forget to look at it after 35.

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