3 Answers

  1. You're her backup. And it is useless to make claims to her – “we are not like that, but life is like that” (c).

    If you maintain this position and show enough intelligence and self-control, then at some point you will also get something.

  2. Are you sure she likes you? There is a 99% chance that you are a substitute and there may be dozens of such substitutes on the bench. � If she meets someone else, then ignore her. Do not let yourself put on the yoke of the waiting Alen!

  3. I think she's just flirting with you so that she has someone who writes to her in VK first, giving her various signs of attention: asking how you're doing, putting likes, saying nice things, discussing her problems… etc.

    Most likely, you are not the only one.

    Don't like it? Stop communicating. Sympathy is just sympathy, it does not oblige a person to change their life for you.

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