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  1. Oh, I'm majoring in philology, and I have a second pair of computer science on Tuesdays, what should I do? No, are you serious? Accept it and work, that's what you do. This is mandatory and no one will save you from this, many people do not need even half of the subjects in the school curriculum, and what now, spread your fingers and say:”Oh, I'm not interested in your matan, I prefer something else, you know.” This will not work, it is not provided for in Russia.

  2. What's stopping you, I don't understand?
    School assignments are school assignments. If you want to learn, do it. But no one forbids you to engage in self-education. Use books that you like as a hobby, and choose a university in the specialty you are interested in. After finishing school with decent results, including on the Unified State Exam, with the baggage of books you have read, you will succeed in obtaining a higher education and will be able to enter the labor market competitively

  3. Do what you like. Do you like reading books on psychology and philosophy? Read on health!

    If it is important for you to have good grades in school, take time for classical literature as well.

    Frankly, no one will be interested in your grades at school, especially grades in literature, and knowledge in the field of psychology, for example, will certainly help you in communicating with various people

  4. The school curriculum implies basic knowledge of subjects, thus, while studying the classics, you learn the main aspects of literature. Of course, not everything that is taught in school is mandatory for everyone, but without understanding what is mostly learned in the classroom, you can not go far.

  5. Well, the texts that take place in grades 9-11 are important, significant, and key in any case, and you can't avoid them if you want to get acquainted with the literature. And if you don't like the way these texts are interpreted by textbooks – the whole Internet will help, Google it, try to figure out why these texts are significant and important. Materials – the sea. Not to mention the fact that the texts of any significant writer can be interpreted from the point of view of any philosophy, as a rule.

  6. Wait, if you like psychology and philosophy, then the 10th grade program should be just right for you. There is one Dostoevsky worth something! Philosophy and psychology are sciences, literature is art, two different ways of knowing the world. Why give up one of them?

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