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  1. This phenomenon is called escapism. In your case, perhaps this is a defensive fantasy.

    This phenomenon is well known and has also penetrated the culture.

    8 films about dreamers, which fantasy helped to cope with the harsh reality – “Big Fish” direct recommend to watch. And in addition to this list, there is also “The Arizona Dream “and the TV series”Clinic”. Something similar still – “Route 60”, “Shop of miracles”.

    Of course, the fantasy world is more interesting. However, if this interferes with real life, you should look for something interesting for yourself in real life – some challenges, interesting activities, work, study, hobbies.

    Maybe use your imagination to achieve success in the real world – writing stories, scenarios, worlds for computer games.

    If it really bothers you, I recommend contacting a psychotherapist or local psychiatrist to relieve this condition. He went to a psychotherapist for about 20 sessions and got remission from depression. I highly recommend it.

  2. The best advice is to contact a professional psychotherapist. You can see a psychiatrist or neurologist. But it's best to go to a therapist. If you can't for some reason, then you'll have to pull yourself together yourself! This is very simple to say, but not easy to do. You should return to reality as soon as you notice that you are out of reality

  3. Try to fantasize in terms of the real world and current events, do not let your thoughts fly too far — it is possible to find interesting things in your life that will attract and spur your imagination, if you look at them from different angles.

  4. What's wrong with the real world? In other words, what is there in your imaginary world that you don't see in the real world? What do you miss out on from the real world, compared to the imaginary one? Answer these questions first of all to yourself.

  5. And why do you need to overcome it? Start designing this fictional world down to the smallest detail, you can not write quickly and legibly, type or slander on a dictaphone as a last resort, then systematize All the little things from technology to clothes and beliefs of this world and write a book and live on in your worlds. If you definitely need to get rid of it, then I'll give you another piece of advice.

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