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  1. I've never dug this deep.
    I don't smoke myself every day either and I can say that I don't have any strange thoughts)))
    And since both you and I are human, it means that the point is still not in nicotine, which would affect us equally, but rather in the process itself.
    So you are affected by the very fact of smoking, and not by chemicals, as I think)

  2. Any process has pros and cons. Just as any food can be both poison and medicine. It all depends on the measure, time, and task.

    Sadness is a state that occurs in the process of saying goodbye to something or someone, or the near possibility of such a farewell.

    The process of smoking is something like meditation, which involves several senses.

    In the normal state, a person's consciousness is filled with a lot of superficial thoughts coming from immediate tasks, reactions, and what is happening outside. And access to deeper thoughts and understandings is closed in principle. A person is attached to a variety of everyday subjects, rituals of actions. He is not up to understanding himself and the world.

    When a person smokes, then, for two reasons – concentration on the smoking process and the impact of lack of oxygen in the brain due to smoking-there is a temporary disconnection from everyday subjects and superficial thoughts. Deeper layers of understanding of what is happening become available to consciousness. They may not be realized, because the person himself does not have such an intention (he decided to just smoke), but at the level of sensations they come to the surface of conscious perception.

    The appearance of a state of sadness after the process of rare smoking (as a process of meditation) can (exactly “can” as an option) arise due to the person's feeling of what is really happening in his life or in the world around him.

    Now the world has entered an era of change. Everything is changing and the changes will be strong. You may well feel it, but you may not be aware of it. And the sadness will be as a sign of farewell to the old, familiar world.�

    Or, there are some major changes in your life that are long overdue, but you don't realize it. Then the sadness will be a consequence of saying goodbye to the usual life, with some person, with some interest or occupation.

    Briefly: Sadness is a farewell. The process of smoking is a meditation, during which you feel something that is not available to consciousness in the normal state.

  3. Alternatively, this can be explained by the negative impact of smoking on the body. Tobish smoker somehow realizes all the harm of this habit, but subconsciously pushes it deeper, postponing the solution of the problem for later. Having given up the habit, the smoker and all the hidden doubts and desires come out. When returning to her, he again turns to them, which actually leads to a deterioration in mood.

    Such conclusions were made not just like that, but based on the results of research. The first series of anxiety and depression tests were conducted one week before the start of the smoking cessation process, and then repeated at 2, 8, 15, and 28 weeks after the start of the process.

    The results allowed scientists to assume, not without reason, that a bad mood in quitting smoking is a common misconception that has no practical basis. And these same studies have shown that it is also a myth that smoking is the best way to” escape ” from stress.
    Источник: https://ne-kurim.ru/articles/vlijanie-kurenija-na-nastroenie/

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