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  1. You are neither a “trembling creature” nor a “rightful owner.” You are no worse or better than the others. You, like every creature, are a unique and somewhat brilliant person.

    When you humbly think that you are a “trembling creature, “the arrogant” rightful “judge who inspires you that you are a “trembling creature” is in your inner world. Don't believe him. It is possible and even useful to listen to this critical “judge”, but there is no need to take all this personally if he does not tell you anything useful.

    If someone close to you behaves arrogantly, remind yourself that you are not him, and his opinion of you may not correspond to reality. Give him the right to have his own opinion, and give yourself the right not to depend on that opinion.

    About the duty and ability to overcome the “creature” features

    You don't owe anyone anything. If you don't like something about yourself, try to change it if you want. And you don't have to prove anything to yourself or others.

  2. “That's the eternal question,” Morkovin laughed. “Am I a trembling creature, or do I have the right
    “You seem to have answered it.”
    “Yes,” said Morkovin, ” there was a case.
    � � � – And how?
    � � � – �And very simple. A trembling creature that has inalienable rights.”

    (V. Pelevin, “Generation P”)

    Don't contrast one thing with the other. All people are afraid. Everyone is a shivering brute at heart, no matter how bravado and outrageous it may be. The only difference is that some are aware of their interests, while others are not, and some make conscious efforts to protect them, while others do not.

  3. Why do you need to “overdo it”?

    To get a license, in some cases, it is enough to pass the law exam, and to pass it successfully, it is desirable to prepare, acquire some skills.

    You don't need to “fix” anything , you need to learn something new, something that helps you “pass the exam” for rights.

  4. Before answering your question,you must decide for yourself what exactly you want to hear in the end. If you are satisfied with groveling, then it means “a trembling creature”, but if you are ready to boldly and selflessly defend your point of view and give plenty of arguments in response, then you are a person with a capital letter.

    It all depends to a greater extent on your worldview and your self-esteem

  5. There is no”nature”. There's parenting, childhood experiences, and limiting beliefs.

    Every person is born with sufficient resources to fulfill himself as he needs and be happy.

    And yes, to turn from a “trembling creature” into a “rightful one”, you will need Will, patience, work, movement through fear (not overcoming fear), consistent achievement of small (but very important for the strategy) results.

    1. Forget that this “state of affairs” can be changed on a whim. Be prepared to implement this process for a long time. Years.
    2. Describe in detail all the situations where you appear as a “trembling creature”.
    3. Determine for yourself or with the help of a specialist the main beliefs and rituals of behavior that make you so in these situations.
    4. Carefully review all the found stereotypes to find the key ones. Most likely, you will need the help of a specialist at this stage.
    5. Don't try to grab everything at once. Just one at a time. Choose one belief, behavior ritual, fear, and start working with it. In real situations. Be sure to formulate the result that you want to get and move to it patiently.
    6. Be prepared for “rollbacks”. They will be mandatory. This does not indicate your weakness, but only the effectiveness of the process.
    7. Be prepared, in the process, to face a deterioration in your physical well-being. All beliefs, fears, and rituals are literally written in the muscles and organs. When they change, the physics of organs and muscles, chemistry will change, so there will be pain, fatigue, and deterioration of health. This will also indicate the effectiveness of the process.
      And good luck with this difficult process.

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