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  1. Normal people find out the causes of their suffering and eliminate them. Usually, the cause of suffering is that the desired and the actual do not coincide. This happens when the mind becomes attached to certain things, which causes attraction or aversion to something. To avoid this, you need to work on yourself. Train the mind not to get attached to harmful things. This can be done if you try to clarify the true nature of things. It is useful to ask yourself the following questions: why do I need this? why is this important to me? why do I want this? conversely, why does this seem undesirable to me? The answers to these questions can help clarify the nature of what you want. It may turn out that the mind is actually attached to something else entirely. For example, a child in a store cries because they don't buy a toy. His parents tell him that instead of a toy, he will go to the circus. Then he stops crying, because he realizes that what he needs is not the toy itself, but the pleasant emotions from the game, which he can replace with pleasant emotions from going to the circus. That is, the nature of the toy is revealed — it is a valuable thing at the moment, because emotions from it are valuable. When the child grows up, the absence of a fire truck or doll will no longer cause suffering, because the mind is no longer attached to this thing. Now suffering will arise from the absence of, for example, a set-top box or tablet. Then from the lack of, for example, your own apartment in the center of Moscow or a Ferrari car. That is, by being aware of the attachments of your mind, you can work with them and thus dissolve the disturbing feelings. There are no things in the world that are eternal and permanent. Everything changes. What is important today will be useless tomorrow. The only permanent and essential thing is the inner freedom of man, the freedom of his mind. If you understand this, then many possible problems will not even arise.

  2. They are happy for breakfast and dinner, and sometimes suffer a little for lunch. If you are suffering from morning to night, it means that you are depressed. This is not a sentence and not a norm, it must be taken and cured.

  3. Пока плохо понятно про что вопрос. 
    Про страдания во время приема пищи 
    или про постоянные страдания?

    If you are talking about suffering during a meal, then you can see the reasons here.

    If the question is about constant suffering, then those who do not suffer:

    • they love you,
    • they work,
    • they're having a rest,
    • they communicate,
    • I do what they like.

    Suffering is usually associated with the desire to do two contradictory things at the same time. For example, I love and hate, then I want to show my love and reject. And two signals go to our muscles at the same time-love and reject. This causes the opposite muscles to contract (primarily in the chest and abdomen), and then the soft tissues begin to stretch and there are various spasms and tensions in the body, and they cause physical pain. Therefore, as soon as you understand your desires, it will immediately become easier for you. A qualified psychologist can help remove the symptom in 1 session.

  4. Realizing that suffering is your choice will lead to a change in choice.

    It doesn't matter why you choose to suffer, what matters is that you can choose NOT to suffer.

    To make it easier, you can back up your decision with actions aimed at reducing negative stimuli.

  5. The New Testament provides an excellent answer to your question – “All things are lawful to me, but not all things are useful; all things are lawful to me, but nothing should possess me” (1 Corinthians 6:12) �If you are so strongly possessed by procrastination, then first try to list the questions on a piece of paper by their significance. In the Bible, this means – be able to separate the eternal from the coming. In other words, the art of living happily is to solve important issues that will affect your life first, and then fixate on secondary issues.

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