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  1. If a person thinks about the meaning of his own existence, then this indicates the level of his intellectual development. Communication is a must. Only in communication will you find answers to your questions. Useless communication will be replaced by what you need. The main thing is to search, and do not think your thoughts alone.

  2. Termination of communication with others, isolation, sudden interest in the meaning of life (also possible uncharacteristic earlier sudden enthusiasm for psychology, astrology, religion) may indicate mental disorders.
    If, in addition to everything else, you notice inactivity, apathy, unwillingness to leave the house; a feeling that you can not cope at work; a feeling that others are discussing you behind your back, and your thoughts are open to them, then I advise you to immediately contact a specialist.

  3. It all depends on whether you communicate with anyone other than your peers. Man is a social being. If you do not communicate with people at all, then the consequences will not be the best… And if instead of communicating with your peers, you communicate with older people, for example, then there should be no terrible consequences.

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