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  1. This is autosuggestion.Perhaps this is due to some psychological abnormalities,panic attacks.Or, it's a common way to attract attention.You know how children get what they want,for example, when they do not have enough affection from their parents, they invent fears,fictional friends,some kind of image, a mask.No one intentionally wants to hurt you,this you must remember and learn.Visit more outdoor exhibitions, get distracted,and take a walk.

    Find a hobby you like,doing business drives away these bad thoughts from your head.

  2. for the first time, you may feel like you're being followed .then you will start thinking about it where the thought goes there is energy and each time the energy becomes more and more then they will definitely be interested in you when this thought comes to you again-say the word I am or at these moments sing your favorite song then say Uncle where have you been before

  3. You may also have a special attitude to sockets, people innocently talk about their own, and you think that they are whispering about you, laughing at you. Please contact a psychiatrist .Don't hesitate, it's the 21st century!

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