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  1. Try to look at it from a different angle. If you had a guarantee of some phenomenon, it would mean absolute determinism. That is, all the events in the world would have to be pre-determined in order for it to turn out this way. And even your consciousness would have to work according to some scenario. That is, you would just be a cog in the clock, which should be guaranteed to show, for example, 12 o'clock. All your solutions would be proprietary.

    But since you can exercise your freedom, the lack of guarantees is the price you pay for your freedom. You can give up your freedom in favor of some guarantees. For example, get a job where you will perform certain functions, where all decisions for you will be made by your superiors, and you will receive guaranteed payment for this. Or you can stay free and accept the world as it is, with all the pleasant and unpleasant moments.

  2. It's easy to accept – take it and accept it. They often say “suck it up”, but that's not it. This will not solve the problem, unless of course it is a problem for you.

    When there is a feeling of need to guarantee the result of actions-observe this feeling.

    I get the impression that you are no longer talking about feelings and sensations, but about faith and hope. Faith and hope are your greatest enemies.

    No one will really give you guarantees. Even the G-d of the religious is not a fact that gives.

    The good news is that everything is in your hands. “Do what you must and come what may”

  3. Comprehending the Truth, automatically, you leave the blind faith to the essence of the Universe, where there is no Death of the Soul?! Man, an animal whose body commands the Soul, is physically unable to understand the Light of God's Truth! The 5th Race of Humanity-the world of evil-will soon give way to the world of good-Consciousness-the 6th race of Super – Man-Demigod! Soon, Russia will become Holy Russia, which will spread from ocean to ocean, where everyone will speak Russian – the Language of God! The fool is a crude statement of the essence of the Antichrist! Conformists are traitors to the Ideals of Humanity and God: brotherhood, equality, and freedom. Truth, kindness, patience – “The narrow gate of God's Wisdom ,” Which is not passed by 70% of the world's population, as the antipodes of God-the Antichrists! Your friends have not lost their Conscience-the connection with God! “Babylon has fallen, has fallen (all the churches of the evil world – 5 senses), the great harlot (with political power)… 18: 2. The future “Religion” of the world of good-Consciousness-Truth-The law of Social Development – The Law of Criticism! True democracy can only be DIRECT democracy, DIRECT political power of the people, the essence of which is Self-government of the people from BELOW-Parallel to the people's power-General assemblies, all administrative and industrial levels of government, whose political will, like a court decision, is mandatory for the execution of the Vertical of power-bureaucrats-executors of the political will of the people! A representative false democracy, the essence of which is false elections-a mimicry of the political power of slave owners over volunteer slaves, when the herd pays for the crimes and mistakes of the “leader”, at a high price and at its own expense?! What will soon be realized in reality through the ongoing, Creative revolution of Consciousness, Which is formulated by God and His prophets, worthy, Conscious people fulfill Their will, and the people develop! Only those people are worthy of happiness and freedom, who can GENERATE their own political will, can Defend It, can Extract Precious Things from the Insignificant, know their own future, being proud, and not disdainful, of their Heroes! “No one will give us deliverance: neither God, nor king, nor Hero! We will achieve our freedom, our freedom. “. With An Enlightened Soul! Consciousness is changing, political power is changing?!

  4. It must be accepted as the truth � that in this “world” everything is allowed, but ” everything has a price .You can �to be a bastard maniac �cruel �a murderer and a rapist , just at some point � get ready �to pay for �your �choice �to be so �how �you want to be. This �for any �activities, any �choice �as bad �so good in the conventional �understanding. Guarantees are given by “religion ,but you can only check “them” after ” death. Self-belief is more reliable in my opinion.

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