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  1. 11 tips for achieving your goal!

    1. Think in writing. A goal that doesn't exist on paper doesn't exist.
    2. Set your goal specifically by answering the following questions: what, where, when, and how?
    3. Limit your goal to time: a goal without time is just a dream.
    4. Think about who will benefit from achieving your goal other than you?
    5. Formulate the goal in an affirmative form in the present tense.
    6. Divide your goals into sub-goals and prepare a detailed scenario for achieving the goal.
    7. Take responsibility for your actions on the way to the goal.
    8. Determine the intermediate results of achieving the goal.
    9. Think about the goal, not the means to achieve it. Set your final destination and go.
    10. Create an image of the future where you have achieved your goal, and capture that image.
    11. Behave as if you are guaranteed success.

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  2. Move to the left, comrade. Move to the left. As Comrade Mayakovsky bequeathed to us:�

    Turn around in the march!
    Verbal slander has no place.
    Hush, speakers!
    Comrade Mauser.
    It is enough to live by the law
    given by Adam and Eve.
    Let's get the nag out of here.
    The left one!
    The left one!
    The left one!

  3. It seems that you have already outlined an approximate vector for yourself: if there is a change, then it is certainly for the better(otherwise what is the point?). Ask yourself what is “best” for you, and you will understand where to go and what goals to set. In the end, you can just remember what you always wanted to do, but there was no time (for example, by the 11th grade of school, the thought slipped through: why do I study law, and not nuclear physics?). New interests = expanding your horizons – what could be better?

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