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  1. If the dismissal is not a forced measure, but an understanding that you have a real purpose, to which you are ready to move, despite the difficulties, then such a step is quite possible.

    And it doesn't even matter if you know exactly what it is, or if you just understand that you were born for something more than this job.

    Although more often people prefer to first understand their vocation, and then take similar steps. After all, such a search path can take some long time, during which you will also need the financial side of life.

    Therefore, I think that the milder option is, after all:

    • At the beginning, search for a destination

    • Then monetize your new skills and talents

    • and at the end, leaving work to fully devote yourself to a new favorite business.

    Of course, the question inevitably arises as to how to search for this vocation, if there are no options. But just for this purpose, psychology has special tools that allow you to do this quickly and efficiently. I'll tell you more about specific steps in this video: https://youtu.be/KxE8pCHuJ2w

  2. All the envy of the reasons for dismissal, they are actually a car and a small cart. In general, if you want to change something and nothing holds you back to go swimming(for example, mortgages, loans, etc.), then go to battle, but answer yourself a few questions. Why are you quitting? Do you have any obligations? Is a new job a rise or a fall? Are there any options now and probably the most important question is whether this will bring you peace of mind or add to the excitement. You can't find harmony in everything, but try at least two or three points. And do not be afraid to act, we decided, so go into battle.

  3. Quit your job. If you are a good specialist and you are more than 27 and less than 42, then you will find a job. In such a fork, I saw an unspoken rule of employers on one forum.

    If you have a hobby and equipment for something, you can live without an employer.

  4. Just resigning is stupid. You need to prepare for your dismissal:

    1. prepare an airbag, the amount should be approximately 6 monthly salaries;

    2. before you quit, you need to find another job.

  5. If you want to quit your job, then of course sooner or later you need to do it. But if you don't know how to live without this job and don't see any opportunities, then you shouldn't do it.
    Start looking for another job. Maybe you should try to open your own business, start it without quitting your job. It may be worth learning a new profession. Start systematically, without jumping into the pool with your head

  6. There's always a place to go. You may have to sacrifice something – time, convenience, and God knows what else. Unfortunately, our employers have the same cockroach in their head-why index salaries if “they worked before, and nothing else”? If you are a good specialist in your field , you can always find an option. It is also possible that the former employer contacts you again and offers different conditions, without finding a worthy replacement among the “queue for the fence from …” (we substitute the necessary option ourselves, each boss has his own measure of the queue;)

  7. I think that if you have such an idea, then dismissal is inevitable. You can not torment yourself for a long time with an unloved job and stress, ultimately undermining your health, no matter how good the salary is. You can test yourself by taking a vacation and analyzing your condition. If a vacation does not help in any way, and you still feel down and tired, you do not want to go to work, and you do it carelessly – this is a direct sign of your subconscious that it's time to run.

    However, finding something to do can take a long time, and you should prepare well for it. At a minimum, determine how much you spend per month, and save up for half a year of unemployed living. Or if you have a husband, then ask him to cover your financial expenses for time. Or, if you enjoy working at home, children, and family life, and your husband likes it all, then maybe there is no point in working?

    If you prepare well, you won't have any problems. However, you need to understand that your life will definitely change. Money may no longer be a priority for you. Or, when you find out what you sincerely want to do, you will not initially have the same salary. These are decisions that you make in favor of your well-being, not in favor of money.

    You should also consider your attitude to money. For example, my mother left her unloved job, where her boss constantly shook her nerves. She has found what she wants to do, and now she earns even more from it than from her job. However, since money is very important to her, she spends almost all of her free time at work, remaining constantly busy for the whole family. She feels that she is forced to work 24/7, although she could have spared herself a little, because it is quite possible to somehow save from this amount in order to make her life easier. Of course, there is no boss here, and she still likes the job. I only assume that this way you can easily burn out.

    Perhaps my answer will be too late for the author, but it may be useful for those who are still in this uncertainty and indecision. You should definitely look for what suits you and follow it. So your life will be filled with colors, and you will get out of the swamp. Yes, you may become uneasy about what to do, because it is unusual for you to be outside of these social frameworks (kindergarten, school, university, work, where everyone tells you what to do, how to do it correctly and how to do it incorrectly). Here you have to think for yourself.

    Many people want to find the same job after leaving “nowhere”, but this may be the opposite – a step back. Most likely, everything will be exactly the same at the new job after a while. Yes, it will be great in the beginning. However, if you want to leave again , you will know that it is a meeting with yourself that awaits you. For some, getting fired “to nowhere” seems like a terrible dream that you want to forget. It's different for everyone. No one is stopping you from making plans for the future right now, learning about yourself. And if you don't even have the strength to do this, because work drains all your strength – save up money. Give yourself a quiet, peaceful time, where you will have the strength to learn about yourself.

    And this is not at all stupid and not “childish”. Not every one of us ended up at our favorite job, but many of us sit out of our seats and are afraid to do anything. If you have the opportunity to change your life for the better-why not? Perhaps you can get more joy from each day, even if with less earnings. You need to be prepared for this. Weigh all the pros and cons, because everything is individual for everyone. However, something definitely needs to change.

    Thank you all 🙂

  8. Why is people so afraid of the unknown? Well, you somehow found this job that you want to leave! If you quit in order to do nothing, then you should think about what you will live on. And of course, if you plan to go on maternity leave, for example, then you also need to consciously approach this issue. If you have any idea what you would like to do, then go ahead! Go for it! It's not terrible to make a mistake, it's terrible to sit on your ass all your life! In extreme cases, you can always find a job where you will work hard for the sake of someone else's pocket!

  9. In life, for various reasons, I had to change my job, leaving my favorite one. But most importantly, if you are confident in yourself, high learning ability and skills in completely different areas led to success, it is still better to work on the same topic as marriage for love, although it can be profitable for interests. Still, it is better to look for a place, then quit, if you have already propped up and can't stand it, raping your soul and body while losing your health is also not an option. I think so.

  10. First, you should figure out what you want, what you will do. And then just leave. You need to be sure that when you quit, you will not be left with a naked dog on the street, but will go to another more interesting place where you like it

  11. I did this three times between the ages of 24 and 28. At the same time, I had an airbag that was just over 1,000 dollars thick. By our (Belarusian) standards, this is a month for 2 well-fed existence (but prudent, without carousing, and moderate, without taxi rides and life in hotels), for 3 tight-fisted, and you can stretch it out for 4 beggars. For the third time, unemployment lasted 9 months, but there was a 1.5-month period with unofficial (without registration) work on a construction site, during which the thin pad was replenished. Bad times. Telling is the fact that I went to the construction site as a carpenter, having a tower with a red diploma of the humanities profile, i.e. there was nowhere to go (one person of my type in a similar situation stepped from a high-rise, they wrote on the Internet). The period of 9 months turned out to be symbolic: it was as if I was born again, a different person, and since then, although there were crises at work for objective and subjective reasons, I did not dare to quit anywhere. I also refused offers of other jobs. I came to the conclusion that I should only go into my own business (for which I am not yet mature and do not know if I will be mature), otherwise in any case I will work for someone and, with my individualism and introversion, feel oppressed, forced, undervalued, etc.

  12. If you understand that your job is going crazy and you can rely on someone financially until you work (and this person agrees), then this sounds reasonable.

    If you can only rely on yourself financially, then leaving your job for nowhere is a bad idea. It is better to stay at the same job and look for another one.

  13. Not worth. More precisely, it depends on your age and opportunities for self-realization. My dismissal was not due to my will and fault. Six years without a stable job. Relatives have been paying for the apartment for a long time. Arranged, but not for long, again dismissal. Organizations don't like employees who don't know how to fit in with the team. Unemployment only at first glance has advantages. With freelancing, I don't think that many people earn well without dating and investing. Therefore, until you have at least an idea of how to implement it, you should not jump from place to place.

  14. If you have the money to survive the period of unemployment while you are looking for a new job after being fired, then why not.It depends on your situation.It is necessary that the work brings pleasure.

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