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  1. We need to look at what you change the time for reading books. There is some other priority now. We have the dominant principle working in our heads, and it's not always a reading. Thanks for the question.

  2. I think you should start first with what you're really interested in. You can even try comics (read Neil Gaiman, for example).

    Now, as for the action itself. Try setting a condition for yourself: I will read for 5 minutes. You can set a timer. The main thing is that you need to focus on one specific case. Without any distractions on gadgets, long looks out the window, etc.

    The trick is that it will be easier for your brain to accept that an unpleasant task (so far) for it will last only 5 minutes. And then, look, you will be carried away by reading.

  3. I would like more input data. Have you ever tried to read multi-page folios with 100-200 pages before? What kind of literature can you not master (scientific monographs, ornate detective stories, non-fiction, fiction)? What exactly distracts you: gadgets, pets, relatives, the weather outside the window, and finally? Or just a lack of attention and concentration? Does it occur to me that it's boring? In any case, it is necessary to gradually increase the volume of pages read day by day, as well as minimize external interference, and switch the smartphone to vibrate mode by disabling sound alerts from applications that are tied to data transmission. In addition, I recommend that you try exercises or games for memory training, because they are just in a good sense of the word will add to your patience.

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