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  1. We should start with an Introduction to Psychoanalysis, a book based on a course of lectures given by Freud. Then you can take “Beyond the pleasure principle”. I'll also add Totem and Taboo. And in principle, the main conceptual core should become clear.

    To complete the picture, it is worth reading “The Psychopathology of Everyday life”, “The Interpretation of Dreams”, “I and it”, “Three essays on the theory of sexuality”, “Dostoevsky and parricide”, and “Wit and its relation to the unconscious”… But this is already further.

    About whether it's worth it… I think Rutkiewicz's article will help to understand this (at the end of the article, Rutkiewicz writes that psychoanalysis is a kind of mythology, which is why he added Totem and Taboo to must read, since the work, in fact, is the construction of a general psychoanalytic myth).

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