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  1. In life, all things are important in their own way. The series is also important, because it helps to relax and distract from routine tasks. You can make it clear to yourself which items, in what quantity and at what appropriate time, are most effective and useful for you. And when the appropriate time, place, and duration become clear, you can create a day mode and a week mode. For example, you can set aside ten hours a day for work or school, two hours for household chores, and two hours for two or three episodes of a TV series, leaving two more hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and eight hours for sleep. And on a day off, you can set aside six hours for a series marathon, and watch two hours in three sets with breaks of 6-8 episodes, and you still have 7-8 hours left for other things to do.

  2. Look at your health, but don't do it to the detriment of your main activities: study, work, sports, self-development, and so on. I reviewed my favorite TV series 5 times, and this is despite the fact that it has, not a lot, not a little, 8 seasons! Every time I discover the characters from different angles, I look at some situations with a more adult look. I tried to start watching new ones – it doesn't come in, for the life of me. Find a TV series/book/movie, watching or reading that you will get high as the first time – a lot of luck!

    So go for it, but only as a rest or relaxation. Still, the series, no matter how good it is, has the property of delaying and detaching from reality, which sooner or later you will still have to return to.

  3. You need to clearly delineate your time for work, various activities and recreation. Rest is just as necessary as doing useful things. The correct allocation of time is a guarantee that it will be enough for everything.

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