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  1. I wonder how Geo sees it – women should start, in his opinion, to be enslaved (literally)? Kill? Such a society is simply impossible now and hardly ever was possible (since it never was). But wet fantasies do not give rest. Geo, are you even capable of hitting a man in the face before you take a swing at women?

    Here's how men fought the suffragettes:

    Here's how men fought men for their interests

    Here's how men fought third-wave feminists:

  2. Think about the counter question: why is it all of a sudden “men turned a blind eye to this”?

    If feminism interferes with men, then they would not close their eyes, right? We would fight feminism and we would see some current results of this battle…

    If feminism does not interfere with men, then they will never get tired of it, and therefore will never end.�

    Feminism in general is easily illustrated by an ordinary family scene:

    She: “So, you need to nail down the shelf, clean up the garage, and by the way, I don't have anything to go to work or visit, did you think it was time for me to update my wardrobe? I don't really understand why I have to tell you all this: you can guess that for yourself, are you a man, after all, or not?”

    She: “Can you hear me at all?! Who am I talking to?!”

    He: “Oh, I'm sorry, honey, I wasn't listening: did you say something?”…

    She: “#@#””^&$@#,…your mother!…”

    He: “Honey, I love you so much…”

  3. Do I really understand what you think is possible in those countries where equal rights of women and men are declared, where women have the right to vote, the right to hold senior management positions, and all this can now be simply rolled back?

    Well, let's imagine, for example, the Russian Federation. In the Russian Federation, about a third of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly are women. The main electorate in the Russian Federation is women 40+ years old. how do you imagine the implementation of your “men will get bored”? Well, let's say today men took and got tired (by the way-is everyone? For example, my husband can be turned on, he doesn't care about this patriarchal order of yours with increased responsibility). So what? What will they actually do?

  4. Look at me. Here is a man who is theoretically ready, even with weapons in his hands, to fight for the ideas of feminism. But only if these are reasonable ideas, and not transgender piggery or castration.

    Feminism is a heterogeneous phenomenon. Racist, leftist, Marxist, sodomite feminism is very bad. This is destructive. Putin correctly said that a man should remain a man, and a woman a woman. Transgender people are very bad.

    That's why feminism should benefit men. Then I approve. When he gives a man the opportunity to live at the expense of a woman, not to work. And whether it was so good at domostroy, when it was very difficult to survive without hard work. We are being ploughed by the peasants from Adam's Sin. Christ is already risen. Original sin is defeated. So we men can afford to stop working like hell.

    We men need to learn how to benefit from feminism. As, however, not only from it, but from everything that exists in society. That's what sensible people always do.

    When a man is made into a debtor, it is not profitable for us. This must be dealt with. A man is not a slave. At the same time, a man can be called a servant. A man can do housework, be a servant for a woman, raise children.

    A man should be able to take advantage of any situation. This requires a new male culture. A man should live for himself and understand his interests. It is necessary to reduce dependence on libido. Be more self-sufficient, have many hobbies other than women. In general, we men are the creators of our own destiny. Feminism should not interfere with us.

    But you need to be smart and not let women control you.

  5. Let's pretend that this is not a throw-in, but a serious question. In fact, men learn to turn a blind eye to feminism when it wins. And only so. If you do not study the history of feminism, but at least read a little about its origins, you will know that at first nothing was given without a fight. And since then, some norms in people's minds have already changed. You see, injustice against women is not standard slavery, which can be simply abolished by a single decree. Then there will really be fights, and then it will be necessary to prove to the ordinary good man in the street that that nation belongs exactly to the same biological species as him, and needs a standard human attitude. Right now for example gender stereotypes are disappearing on their own? No. Both those that harm men and those that harm women. It's not even that men were comfortable with this state of affairs. I can give you 50 or 100 reasons why a man benefits from a woman's equal rights and independence. Why it is more profitable for the whole world for women to have the same opportunities as men. No, that's not the point at all. In the inertia of thinking, in habit. The whole world needed to gradually get used to the sequence of new thoughts: that a woman can be a voter, that a woman can be a boss (what??? NO!!!), that a woman can be president (oops. how many female presidents have there been in the United States as of 2019?), that a woman can earn as much as a man while in, say, an engineering position. So, do men turn a blind eye to this now? Especially in some countries? Especially in Russia? Okay, imagine a female president. In addition, the author with some hangover suggests a certain homogeneity of men, as if men are such a single people with one opinion at all. Yes, some radfemki also think so. Nevertheless, specific men may, for example, get tired of the choice of agenda and means of influence in modern feminism, but not at all tired of its deep tasks. Let's not talk about “Ghostbusters”. And this is still 2019, we haven't even started talking about equality yet. Now they mostly don't equalize rights, but solve specific problems with discrimination. In general, the author has the same cool bravado as you can repeat, like a discussion in the smoking room about pulling America's eggs on the wall and throwing it with vigorous bonbons, or as a confidence that history will reverse. And history may repeat itself, but it won't come back.

  6. It would be better if these all-powerful gods, who have a penis instead of a halo, wanted to stop something else that really spoils this terribly beautiful world.�

    Just a little more and there will be a norm

  7. They diligently ignore this, because in fact they are chopping down the branch on which they are sitting. When the system of “state come, bumpkin rot” collapses (and this will inevitably happen both due to demographics below the level of reproduction, and the impossibility of further pumping up female overconsumption), the question will become an edge. Or honest egalitarianism (and the NSA feminists are not ready for equal responsibilities from the word “at all”) or a return to patriarchy – perhaps even a fiercely sharia variety (hello to The Handmaid's Tale, for example).

  8. I personally think that it will not be so easy for men to overcome feminism first, it is still a big question who is more resilient than a man or a woman second, many men benefit from feminism because patriarchy is not only rights but also increased responsibilities that many men do not like, and it will not work to take only rights without responsibilities

  9. Feminism will not “end” if men “get bored”. If they suddenly want to deprive women of all their rights, a real war with murder will begin. Modern women are not going to become slaves and things, regardless of the opinion of men on this issue.

  10. You see, most men are just physically stronger, tougher, and more resilient than most women.

    And as history shows, everything in the world is solved sooner or later by force.

    So far, men have not systematically applied force to feminism, but only always out of respect for the weaker sex, slapped their buttocks and did not make concessions.

    Here's how the Suffragettes were fought

    and here's how men fought seriously for their interests

  11. No, because this is a myth that sexists use to amuse their egos. Just like anti-racism politicians, this is not turning a blind eye to the attempts of others to do something there.�

    Live with it now.

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