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  1. Because virginity is often lost through stupidity.accordingly, where does the foolishness of the wise come from? and who needs a bad wife, in which … 15 men before “the only one in the present”?

  2. The example you have given is typical of Orthodox communities with a patriarchal foundation. And the concept of justice is formed there in relation to these foundations. The balance of rights and obligations (the same justice) is violated: as a rule, a person owes everything and gets nothing in return (except for the right to happiness in the afterlife)). Therefore, it is not worth waiting for justice from communities with such ideas.

  3. The woman asked the sage:

    • Why is a man who has many women a good man, and a woman who has many men a bad one? The sage replied:

    • Because a key that can open all locks is a good key, and a lock that can be opened with any key is a bad lock!

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