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  1. In the late 60s of the XX century, the book of the science fiction writer I. A. Efremov “Hour of the Bull”was very popular in the USSR. There is an episode where the state used a special device-a Snake – to identify dissidents. A large number of people gathered in the hall for a “Meeting with the Serpent”. The snake began to hiss, flash its eyes and write out “eights”, everyone fell into a hypnotic state, and those who knew their sins before the state were hysterical confessed and immediately, on the spot, were arrested by the police. I think that with the current state of technological progress, something similar can also be done.

    As for hypnotherapy , I'm not sure what will happen, unless the patient is already trained in the hypnotherapist's voice. Well, or very motivated. However, in psychotherapy, the main tool is not the method, not the equipment, but the personality of the therapist.

  2. Yes, but in general, trance, meditation, pranoyeds, hypnosis, and so on-this is a myth.

    The robot will make sounds, and the person will fall into a trance.

    But I believe that trance does not exist.

  3. The hypnotist, giving out something by voice and gestures, is first of all in close communication with the patient. It subtly tracks the patient's facial expressions, movements, and even words – and adapts to them, changing its impact. This is a delicate job that you can't learn quickly, and it is even more difficult and expensive to create such a sensitive robot right now.

    On the other hand, if there is a person who is ready to enter a trance state right now, you will not even need a robot. Let's recall the numerous audio recordings with relaxing music and an insinuating voice, let's recall Kashpirovsky's not-so-popular TV sessions – people fall into a kind of trance from this, during which they can perceive some general commands. And just a tense story on TV, fixing a person's attention on something sharp, and at the same time broadcasting in a voice, can infuse assessments into the subconscious, bypassing filters that work in a “sober” state. And this is also a form of hypnosis. If in doubt, take a closer look at the face and posture of someone “stuck” in the TV screen.

    So deep individual, but automated work with a person in a trance is hardly possible with the current development of technology – and mass, more superficial general effects do not require serious tricks at all, and we just live among them.

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