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  1. If you are only interested in the correspondence of this act to some dictionary definition (which, of course, is very strange, but I am willing to admit that this is so), then it is elementary easy to check by looking in any explanatory dictionary or at least in the dictionary itself.Wikipedia. If it is not the definition itself that is important to you, but the consequences of what happened, then this girl needs to openly confess to her spouse , and then everything will immediately become clear.

  2. With a girl-it is simply impossible to perceive as treason. After all, the wife did not become 100% lesbian from this, and did not stop denying intimacy. So it's more likely to be something new in the relationship, to discuss, to experiment together..

    But cheating with another man is already a problem. This means that the wife was disappointed, fell out of love. And it's too late to save the relationship – there is no love anymore, she has already fallen in love with him, and so much so that she decided to sleep with him.. Then it is better to separate, keeping a semblance of friendship, not to torment each other.

  3. I asked my wife this question several times myself. As a result, we agreed that if there is no penetration, then there is no infidelity. I.e., light petting, handsjob and lesbian sex without toys are not infidelities. But at the same time, an important factor is the “experimentation” of the act, i.e. “tried and left”. If this becomes a habit, or is repeated regularly, it takes the form of emotional infidelity.

  4. Yes is more likely than no, because it is considered disrespectful to your relationship and undermines your self-esteem. The other person is your priority, and if it's also a girl, then you might think that you're so bad that your girlfriend has started to prefer a lesbian relationship.

  5. It has already been said more than once that each person puts something different in the concept of infidelity. For some, this is treason, but for someone else it is not. And this answer is so obvious that I feel like a captain of the Obvious. However, for example, there are many people who define themselves as polyamorous, and they allow and practice not only light hobbies, but also, say, sex, which is shocking to adherents of traditional relationships. Such people do not need to have unlimited possession of the object of love in order to express their love – they love it simply because it is there.

    In your case, it is correct to ask those who are married – whether they see this as infidelity. And only they can determine this, and not some outsider with TheQ.

  6. For me, that would be treason. Let's say a married girl kisses another man, what will it mean for you? I do not support the opinion of people who say that ” if there was no penetration, then it does not count.” I put the word “cheating” in a little more sense than just sex, because you can change even on an emotional level. But that's just my opinion. Everyone has it in their life.

  7. If ideally, then even in thoughts to perform sexual intercourse not with your spouse is already cheating.And so, it often turns out to think not to the extent of rightness, but to the extent of your promiscuity.Personally,I think it will be infidelity to her husband, as well as sexual perversion-which is no better than the infidelity itself.

  8. No! It is not considered, and even encouraged, but there are individuals for whom this is treason and even which they allegedly cannot forgive. But believe me, these are the “Pinocchins” who think so. Their units.

  9. If the husband of this woman has traditional views, then it is likely that he will consider it so. Since the” border ” separating infidelity from infatuation is sex.

  10. Once I asked my mc about my cheating on him with a girl, to which he replied: “What does it matter if you ride someone else's cock or someone else's finger?”

  11. It seems to me that what is possible and what is not should be agreed in advance. It's embarrassing, but things that seem obviously unacceptable to you may not seem so to everyone. I once met a girl for whom any relationship is free and she does not consider it necessary to notify people of her opinion, although if you ask , she will answer. In short, yes, we need to negotiate.

  12. There were too many such questions.�

    My man is calm about flirting/having sex with other girls on my part, because he does not consider such sexual interaction to be something serious and threatening to the relationship. � �

    There are men for whom such behavior is unacceptable. In each pair, everything is individual, as noted above. But most often, sex with another woman is regarded by men as a prank, because the woman is not a potential rival. Plus, the vast majority of men find lesbian sex insanely exciting.

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