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  1. I warmly subscribe to Aleister Crowley's answer.

    For me, your question is literally what I think: is it black and white life, where the author of the thesis and I are white judges over black liars?

    I think not, not in black and white, and I dare not suspect the author of the thesis or myself of Sanctity.

    You're lying , I assume, just because you're a real person. If you sincerely believe that you never deceive anyone, then you are also deceiving yourself.

    Well, what if one of my children lied to me, then he is a “scoundrel”? And I will never believe him again, but super-control, or not communicate at all, otherwise I am a “fool”?)))�

    I guess it's part of growing up when you find out that you're not a dArtagnan in a white raincoat, and I'm not surrounded by Dartagnans in white raincoats either… thank God. Alive, and alive all around. And each time it is a very personal choice: to risk trusting, or to risk not trusting (maximum security is not to trust anyone, and this is also doomed to complete loneliness)… And there is no right choice, it is just yours, and you will face all its consequences.

  2. After all, a person can cheat on you once, or even for a long time out of a desire not to hurt you. Save it. Even though it's not a good way to tell the truth, sometimes it's hard and you're lying.

  3. If you follow this postulate, then family life will not work out for anyone in principle. You have to lie there, lie there, and keep quiet here and there… And you look, and already the golden wedding is on the nose. Children, grandchildren, and also lie sometimes.

  4. There is a position that applies not to lies, but to the misdeeds of subordinates. However, I think it will fit here:

    If a person cheated on you once, it's a mistake, if twice, it's a trend, if three times, it's already a pattern.

  5. I think it's all nonsense. We are deceived every day, even by our closest people. Just think about how many times you've been lied to in small ways and realize that you don't have people who have lied to you less than 2 times.

    And I'm not saying that lying is okay. It's just that every person should be given as many chances as they deserve, until you realize that they are hopeless and causing you misery.

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