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  1. Take the collective image of God, before whom true believers tremble, to whom they send their prayers, and from whom they expect mercy for keeping the commandments and all that.

    Under normal circumstances, the person's parents will be brought to justice, who instilled in him the wrong values and through which he is probably living a sinful life. So will the sinner. �

    I could not use such terms as “Heaven” and “Hell”, because in Hinduism, the sinner will be reborn in stone, according to someone else's theory, he will become a lost soul, for radicals he will go to hell and will burn forever in the righteous fire.

    But all this can only work if this whole happy family lives in a society where the commandments we know are appreciated and reproached for the sins we know.�

    What if it's a barbarian society? A family from a long-forgotten settlement in Africa?

    First of all, everyone has their own god, and if this family has not vowed to show the middle finger to the public all its life, then it has its own faith and it will be judged exactly according to its canons.

  2. If you read the Bible, ” God ” looks like a very cynical, selfish, vindictive, narcissistic being … �

    In general, since the Bible and any other religion were written by many different people from different eras who did not really care about the canons. Then these books just look like a contradictory jumble of words. In these books there are all the manifestations of human nature and hundreds of different ideas of what is good and what is evil.

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