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  1. I mean, die, ugly and ugly?))

    As you wish, I will still live with the usual appearance of an elderly uncle. My wife, five children, mother and sister definitely like me.

    As for the others…�

    Despite the fact that I'm not particularly handsome, I'm also not tall (cho all on us with Putin tease?!.). To the heap, solidity and I are incompatible at all. – So, for many years, training participants from time to time admit that before the training, or at the very beginning, they did not expect anything special from me, precisely because of my plainness. – But quickly changed their minds in the process))

    I think this is just typical.�

    First impressions matter. I have seen mention of statistics that beautiful people on average earn 5-12% more than those with a normal appearance. However, it may be fake , but it is quite trustworthy.

    But to kill yourself for 5-12% of earnings “on average in the hospital” – for me, this is a Darwin award.

  2. Sometimes I think of these words:

    Do not put your trust, my soul, in the health of the body and in the passing beauty, for see that the Silnii and the Mladii are dying;

  3. And what exactly” everything ” in our age is decided by appearance?�

    No, well, in some matters, of course, appearance, if it is particularly repulsive, can play a negative role. Very ugly people who have some frightening or repulsive defects like scars, outgrowths, spots, etc … it's not so easy to find a sexual partner, yes. Although they are sometimes lucky.

    But now” ordinary ” people do not interfere with their appearance in any way, because first of all, the taste and color of all markers are different, and secondly, the relationship between people is much more complicated than just admiring each other.”�

    But even if it's difficult to create a couple, is it the only thing worth living for? What about everything else?

  4. It makes sense to stop taking responsibility for your own appearance. All these “some were lucky to be born beautiful, others were unlucky” – pure guile. I love talking about “being born beautiful” when I walk out of the gym, barely dragging my feet after a workout. And when I wake up an hour earlier to wash my hair, I also like to think about who was lucky enough to be “born beautiful” and who was unlucky.

    If we do not consider cases of genetic defects or serious incurable diseases and injuries, then to be beautiful or not to be beautiful is the choice of every person. Even if nature has given you rough facial features , no one forbids you to be stylish and well-groomed. For some reason, many people forget that working on their appearance is the same work as, for example, learning languages or programming principles. Everything is decided by appearance? Well, make your appearance presentable. If you apply sunscreen on your face every day, you will have wrinkles much later than your peers. But some bother, and others score. They have a magic excuse about “being born ugly”.

  5. What do you mean by ordinary, unusual, ugly appearance? For me, almost every first duck has a normal appearance. (Yes, and I consider myself such).

    The word “unusual” implies something rare, surprising. And I've only seen such people with, let's say, unusual appearance a couple of times in my life. Here's just to look like this and be stunned by this “unusualness”

    As for “ugly”, it has already been said a billion times that it is subjective. Of course, if you're like the person on the cover of this question, you're going to have a hard time, but I'm sure you're exaggerating, just like the vast majority of people on the Internet.�

    If anything, then: acne can be cured, excess weight can be lost, hair can be grown/shaved off. Everything is solved. And as I said earlier, beauty is subjective. Someone will love you for who you are

  6. What exactly is” everything ” it solves? Look at the powerful of this world, those who are in the most important positions, they are all handsome? Open the Forbes list and look at the richest people, are they so good-looking? Look at famous writers, artists, and directors. Wait, in the end, at the registry office or maternity hospital, and you will see that not only top models get married and have children. Here for a model or actor, perhaps, it is important. And for them, appearance is not everything.

  7. In this age, it's all about enterprise and utility. Without money, you're so handsome, and you're very likely going to be lying around in some joint with a hypodermic needle sticking out of your carcass.

  8. There is no concept of an ugly person, there is a lazy and unkempt one, that's all. Everything is in the head, in frequent cases an inconspicuous person has an inflated self-esteem, loves himself and does not have a complex at all, I don't know what this is connected with, but love for your own Self decides everything: a decent job, a personal life, and a social circle, and I don't care what your appearance is absolutely.�

    This is all built as a constructor, supplemented. Appearance, as for me, is a business card, but its content is most important, because an empty business card is unlikely to reach the right person.

    Sometimes beautiful people are lonely, stupid, empty of emotions-nothing but aesthetics… External data doesn't help much with actions, potential, or communication – it's a purely visual picture, but what's next?�

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so I believe that everyone needs someone, everyone is not alone, and external data does not decide who to be in this life, just as it does not depend on the happiness that awaits or already lives in a person

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