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  1. If a person laughs, he is amused. And as you know, everyone has a different sense of humor.

    Yes, people with schizophrenia can see the funny in rather cruel (oh, these relative concepts) things. They may burst out laughing when they see another person suffering, or when they learn about death. And it can also be done by individuals with an insufficient level of education or simply by those who enjoy seeing the torment of others (not necessarily people suffering from schizophrenia).

    As for the usual phrases, a person may actually see something funny for him personally, or this phrase is a kind of trigger, and laughter goes as a defensive reaction.�

    If the other person laughs at your every phrase, then I think you should ask directly if everything is in order. Probably, they just want to humiliate you and directly mock you.

  2. There is such a simple humorous test for schizophrenia. “A man bought a hat, and it's just right for him.” If the phrase seemed funny to you, then you are most likely the one who went there.�

    It so happened that they laughed in unison with a friend who is really schizophrenic)))

    In fact, of course, you can't just put such a label on a person for such a trivial reason. Schizophrenia is a complex combination of syndromes, and how many patients, so many options for combining these syndromes, so even professionals sometimes get confused with the diagnosis.

    The above phrase is an example of absurd humor. Anyone who is inclined to understand such humor is amused. Or it can also be like in the comment to the question: there was an association with something unknown to you. And a person could stupidly get stoned and start laughing at everything)

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