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  1. No, he won't understand. But he doesn't need to 🙂 What we call a sensation is a specific signal in our, specifically our, brain. If an alien has a different brain, and if he ever tries borscht, then it will trigger a different signal in his brain. What does not prevent him from calling this taste “the taste of borscht” and you will understand each other perfectly. Human brains are similar in their topology, especially in the part that was formed evolutionarily, so, apparently, we all feel sadness and taste shades approximately the same.

  2. Perhaps, Andrey, everything is up to the will of the Possible. In our theomism, according to the theory of potentiality, the approach to the question of qualia is as potential as the theory of potentiality itself: qualia is the ontological possibility of qualia, eternal potency. On a subjective level, this eternal potency corresponds to the eternal hypothesis of qualia. Accordingly, the answer to your hypothetical question about a certain hypothetical alien is as hypothetical (subjectively) and potential (~objectively) as you yourself, Andrey Terletsky, i.e. the ontological possibility of Andrey Terletsky: ~ Andrey Terletsky.

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