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  1. In the space, let's say, not biological, but culturological (where, by the way, I am now), such intelligent cats already exist. But they rarely retain their feline nature. Offhand, I can only name the Cheshire cat Lewis Carroll. He appears out of nowhere like a cat and also disappears without interfering much with what is happening. He is certainly intelligent, although he admits to some oddities (“we are all out of our minds here”). But Carroll's worlds are inherently antisocial, even with kings and queens.

    But already Clive Lewis ' Aslan blurs feline traits, even though lions are the most social cats. It's hard to imagine a cat with such a degree of involvement in the plot.

    Mufasa and Simba went even further. Here the idea of the lion as the king of animals is played out, on the one hand, and the dream of an imperious but just ruler, on the other… But God forbid having a real lion as ruler! Which, as you know, consider it fair and correct to eat other people's lion cubs.

    To answer this question, I would like to suggest the following methodology. As you know, in the process of domesticating dogs, people have enriched their culture with some of our customs and rules. But among human communities, there are some where cats are preferable to dogs, often at the level of traditions and religions. If we assume that, having brought cats closer to us, people took something from them, we can compare the culture of cat people with the culture of other intelligent bipeds.

    In other words, to understand what cats would become if they gained intelligence, you can study the mentality of adherents of Islam.

    How do you like this approach?

  2. Let's try to fantasize!

    Let's start by imagining the conditions under which a cat or cat-like creature would evolve. A person has acquired his brain, along with losing many other physical advantages, such as endurance or agility. In human conditions, the ability to quickly adapt to the situation turned out to be more important. In this regard, the instinct as the base of existence will also be atrophied.

    A creature like a cat will also be forced to go through an evolutionary cycle, abandoning the instinctive way of life to the intelligent way of life. Instead of a sense of how to get food, there will be an awareness of food production, methods and tactics. Physical differences (claws, fur, infra-vision, etc.) they will have minimal impact on the abstract thinking of such a creature.�

    The cat-man will, in general, be very similar in his thinking to us. The differences may be in the behavioral archetype, which can be reflected in the culture of such creatures. For example, the love of freedom and independence of cat people can be reflected in the fact that they may have a different form of government in their society, for example, the concept of “free government”, when there are no clearly defined obligations within the state.�

    In general, we will have more in common with such a race than we think.

    I'm sorry if it's written in a muddle, I wrote it at three o'clock in the morning, after work, my head doesn't boil a little.

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