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  1. Let's take a slightly shorter historical time frame to make it easier to relate to our own experience: did the Greeks ' triumph over the Persians in the middle of the fifth century BC make sense if 300 years later they themselves were devoured by Rome? Did all of Rome's military victories make sense if it was still going to collapse at the end of the fifth century A.D.? Did the continuation of the Roman Empire in Constantinople make sense if the only difference was that the Eastern Empire collapsed 1000 years later – after all, it collapsed anyway? I think that if these actions do not seem meaningless to us, then the distant prospect of heat death of the universe should certainly not frighten us.

  2. The word meaning has several meanings. When we talk about the meaning of an activity, we mean the purpose of the activity. So if a person sets a goal for himself and moves towards it, then his activity has meaning.

  3. No, you can't.

    The question is suggestive, that is, it contains the answer. But the answer is wrong.

    Let's say you go from your house to your father's and mother's house. Your current goal is to come. But doesn't your path itself make sense? You admire the views of nature or the city, you strengthen your body a little by walking, you think about the meaning of life, finally…

    According to the atheist, the end of the path is really the end, which means that the path itself is the only thing that makes sense; and everything that is dear to him – and everyone who is dear to him-they are here, they also follow the path called life.

    Life is a journey, not a finish line.

  4. Let's start at the end. The so-called “heat death” does not exist in the sense in which it was defined by Clausius, does not exist. This is simply the hypothesis of a very erudite and talented scientific engineer, who, however, while remaining a materialist, conducted his research only taking into account matter.

    But we can say that the death of the universe, the actual universe, is inevitable. However, this death in the allegory is equivalent to the end of the day and the onset of night. But inexorably a new day will come and a new universe will be born. Man is not going anywhere, because he is part of the infinite, the creation. He will continue to be incarnated in the new universe. This is an eternal process.

    Human activity is infinite, as is the universe.

  5. If religion is telling the truth, then there is only a point in serving God, so that after death you can go to a better place. At the same time, doctors, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, academicians, cosmonauts, soldiers and other people who develop and save people are not in the first place. The first is a monk who has lived in a cave all his life and constantly prays to God, this is in Christianity. Pagan religions are even worse, where the more sacrifices you make to the gods, the better. If at the same time you killed and robbed thousands of people, then this does not bother the gods, the main thing is the victims.

    Everyone finds the meaning of life for themselves. For some, it is a service to God, for some – to leave a mark in history, for some – wealth, for some-to leave posterity.

  6. No, any human activity accelerates the development of the universe and brings the onset of the heat death of the universe closer. It is in the acceleration of this process that the meaning of life, and not only of a person, but of life in general, lies. As for the individual, the meaning of his life is in the development of society, the creation of new things, new cultural values, scientific discoveries, new, more correct, philosophical systems.

  7. Science is very roughly known-individual bits of truth – on this very shaky basis it is impossible to draw sufficiently accurate and confident conclusions about the future of humanity.

  8. Life itself is UNIQUE.You're in luck : You have come across this uniqueness…You were chosen from hundreds of people who never learned what LIFE is like…so enjoy it,appreciate the chance that has fallen to you at its proper value.Remember how the Snow Queen offered Kai to make the word ETERNITY out of ice cubes and promised skates and *the whole* world in addition…?*The whole* in that case is just one country, the country of Kai and Gerda… maybe a little more…after all, there are lands and states where there is simply no winter…)Life offers you so much more : it really gives you the whole world to own and use… the world of an entire planet…with all that it has, with its possibilities and splendor.Live in it,become an integral part of it, help it, be surprised by it and enjoy it…He is given to YOU,he is YOURS, feel like his friend or master or his ward, as it turns out or as you want,he offers you a lot, you just want to take advantage of his offers and opportunities.And to call all this nonsense can only be someone who does not understand how unique the chance to EXIST and express himself as a person in this existence fell to him…such a person should be pitied, cheslovo…)

  9. In such a distant perspective as the heat death of the universe, we can not even imagine now who we will be then, whether we will destroy ourselves earlier, whether the hypotheses of scientists about heat death are real.

  10. Of course, that's the only way to say it. If there is no spiritual component, then what is the point of all this fuss? All the same, everything will go into oblivion. Atheism implies the life of a one-day butterfly, striving to get the maximum amount of food and sexual partners.

  11. Absolutely true, you can say so and in this case there is no meaning in life, even if you immediately go to the forefathers. But only here you immediately begin to think and understand that the world is not so simple…

  12. If you briefly summarize all the answers that atheists/materialists provided here and voice the unspoken things that they are afraid to say because it will play against their ideology.

    The answer is obvious-yes, absolutely and completely meaningless any activity. But since a person cannot live in the absurd, we see here children's babble a la “According to an atheist, the end of the path is really the end, which means the path itself is the only thing that makes sense” and “Life is a path, not the finish line” – what do these opuses even mean, such a juggling of concepts is not observed in all religions. Just as if a council of Buddhist lamas, and not atheists/materialists/scientophiles gathered

    And all of a sudden, their science only “knows the pieces”, and let's take “smaller pieces of time” – it's not clear why? Because it is terrible to live in total absurdity, a semblance of religion is invented, based on about the same thing as any religion “we must believe”, in the goal, in the fact that it is all not in vain, otherwise we can only “eat and drink because tomorrow we will die”.

    If a person is offered something less than an eternity, he involuntarily feels deprived…

  13. Any idea…theory…the act….the truth for the one who created it. And for the other, the truth has its own shades…and there are many of us…. and there are just as many truths.
    So your question doesn't apply to the truth or not. It's a question of BELIEVING in something or someone…I think it's clear.

  14. here is a link to an article where I talk about science and mysticism, how they intersect.

    What used to be true (Earth on three whales) is now absurd. What used to be considered absurd (the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun) is now true for us.

    Yesterday, people believed in premonition, in the help of the saints, in the power of prayer. Atheism destroyed that first. And today, scientists are already writing works in which they talk about the positive sound vibrations of Christian prayers, which have a healing, calming, and restorative effect on people. And the power of collective prayer, in this case, increases these vibrations many times. And when do these waves start resonating?

    Atheism and materialism, in fact, are concepts that should not be confused. Because atheism is a doctrine that rejects belief in God and the existence of gods. And materialism is (I quote) a philosophical worldview, according to which matter, as an objective reality, is an ontologically primary principle (cause, condition, limitation) in the sphere of being.

    However, the manifestations of this matter can be diverse. What we cannot explain (the transmission of thoughts at a distance, for example) is perceived as mysticism, although this phenomenon may be based on quite materialistic moments (the wave nature of particles unknown to science).

    From this, draw a conclusion – is our life meaningless, if we can't know anything in advance yet, we can't explain everything.

  15. Any human / non-human activity is meaningless.
    The fact that we have consciousness does not guarantee or support the meaning of our existence.
    The meaning is additive, which must be discarded, dissolved without any residue. (But that doesn't mean you should commit suicide/be apathetic to everything. Life is just a life)

  16. Atheists and materialists are more likely to think that such a word as “meaning” is not inherent in nature at all. Someone will say that the meaning of a flower's life is to purify the air. But this is only one of its functions. The flower simply exists, and sooner or later the flower will simply die. It's the same with a human. You can say: “the meaning of this person's life is that he would paint the best picture of the world, and the meaning of this person's life is that he would serve science and make a lot of discoveries.” These are all made-up meanings, but the meanings cannot be different (unless of course you are a religious person). Therefore, the word “nonsense” is not correct. It is more correct to say that any activity makes sense for each individual person.�

    “Hi there. I like fixing cars. It's very exciting. I love the smell of gasoline and oil and I love disassembling the carburetor. I like to listen to customers and their complaints about the health of their machine. I love doing it. Someone will say that this is not prestigious or modern. But it doesn't matter what other people say, I like doing it so much that I want to devote my whole life to it. After all, this is the meaning that I want. My meaning. My life.”�

    After 50 years, he dies. In billions of years, the universe will cease to exist. However, this man lived a meaningful life.

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