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  1. The universe is energy in space and only substances with energy can exist in it.After the death of a person, all (!) his various energy will return to the infinite volume of energy of the universe and will continue to interact with other forms of it. But the format of this energy will be completely different: interacting with other energies, it will be divided into an infinite number of components, constantly forming new forms of energy.

  2. And where does the energy from the cells of an animal's body go if it's accidentally hit by a truck on the freeway and decomposes on the side of the road?

    It's not going anywhere. Just now, when the energy system of the whole living organism has ceased to exist, the phase of real life has also begun, with the boiling energy of decomposition, where small forms ( worms, larvae, microbes, etc.) exist as energy systems. The energy doesn't go away. It's in place and working.

  3. Either it is absorbed by other organisms, or it is dispersed in the form of thermal radiation, or it can even be preserved in the form of interatomic bonds in organic slush, which later has a chance to become oil.

    If we mean exactly the energy that occurs when a neuron is excited during the transmission of a nerve signal , then this is a simple electric current caused by ions. It will end very quickly, since the ion concentration will stabilize very quickly (the internal battery will “run out”), there will be no potential difference. The voltage at the ends of neurons is 70 millivolts. very weak battery.

  4. Would you be interested to know your Date of Death in Your Lifetime? In principle, this is possible. Give me a super-duper computer that can calculate 3.14 in milliseconds multiplied by infinity and your date will be ready on the day you die.

  5. And how did the universe come about out of nowhere? So there is still nowhere to eat? The laws of thermodynamics exist as long as people are interested in them. Questions arise over Time and Space. And what is it? “We have no idea. For us, Space is expanding with every passing second. And time is generally fantastic.

  6. It is known from the Bible that at creation man was created from the dust of the earth, and for life God breathed into him the breath of life or in another way gave energy, and man became a “living soul”. If the first human couple had not sinned, there would have been no aging and death, and people would not have lost this gift of God. They would have lived forever. But the people did not want to listen to God. And the following happened: “… the dust will return to the ground, as it was; and the spirit (or energy) will return to the God who gave it.”

  7. Of course, I don't understand anything about this rather complicated topic, but I can guess. The energy referred to is transformed at the moment of a person's death into some other “type” of energy, which somehow balances the mass of energies , in any of their “manifestations”, that already exist. That is, somewhere “decreased”, which means that somewhere it should be added.

  8. I would like to see the person who can trace the path of this energy:)
    You can be clever as much as you want, but in fact …
    Can I attach a tracker to each slice of energy?:)

  9. The same place where the energy of all organic materials goes: it is stored, gradually decomposing. Neurons in this respect are no different from skin cells or red blood cells.

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